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I am a fellow watch enthusiast I work as a Sr. Java Web Developer and also have an interest in mechanical watches and saw the tutorials on YouTube and really enjoyed watching them so subscribed to the channel. I would like to one day service my own watches but am happy for now just watching and gaining insights into the watch repair craft.  

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Hello and a warm welcome to you, this is a great forum I can assure you. I have not been here long, but there is lots and lots with experience on this site. Im into old vintage Seiko divers mostley.....:D

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Hello Alex and welcome,

nothing wrong with watching but why not post some info on your favourite watch or watches and why you like it / them, along with some photos in the "Your Watch  Collection" part of the forum whilst you are in sometime.



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    • Hi I recently bought this Vostok watch from a collector.  Does anyone have any literature/history about this watch model , # of jewels, movement type or any other piece of information ? Thanks in advance
    • So yes, as I remember it that lever is for placing the hands on the watch, and this has been discussed here before. Others here will know exactly what it is called, it just escapes me. At the moment, naturally.
    • Hello, I wil add a photo to this reply. The lever is on front rim of movement I think about 3 oclock under dial plate. My watch together working so I don't want to remove dial to get better picture. It took be hours to get hands on and not hitting each other. I used my phone to take a picture every 5 seconds while I worked on watch, the picture I am adding to this reply is one on them. Looking at picture about 1/2 inch to left of my thumb there is a silver lever on rim held by one screw. The lever is connected to keyless yoke by linkage. When lever end (at edge of movement) is down (level end can be moved about .25 inch on rim) the crown works for setting time. When lever is up the time cannot be change using crown. Once movement is in case, the lever is held in place by case. Again, watch in case with lever up time cannot be changed using crown. The advertisement for watch says " self-locking setting device ". The lever pivots on single screw holding it in place.
    • it's unfortunate that something that can look so pretty in a picture can turn out very poor. On the other hand it's an opportunity to make something much nicer. Like for instance when I'm doing this I'm looking at my computer and the desk I made so it fit the space that I had it met my requirements because I couldn't find anything that was suitable for a computer desk for me. As much as I like my watch bench I would really like modifications like it would be nice to have drawers on both sides of the bench. The entire left-hand side is open and basically it's wasted space. when you're starting out it seems like the bench is a vast open space but it's amazing how fast it gets filled up and then you run out of space.    
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