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    • AS ST Seems to stand for AS Standard, if this is your movement: http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&AS_1950, Then Lepsi lists the lift angle at 52
    • Thank you. I do like that symbol as well. It is an attention grabber for certain. BTW, I've got 3 Russians on their way to me. 2 of them are Luch and one is a rectangular Chayka, all 3 are electronic. I posted them here!
    • "3 Russians and an American enter a bar." Sounds like something is about to go down if that were true! But in this case I acquired 4 new watches including 2 Russian made electronics and 1 Russian made, early mecha-quartz and 1 Timex Electronic. Yes, I know I have an issue with blue watches, That's why I started my post about them here, lol. I'm not sure about the canary yellow Luch, maybe it will grow on me when I get it in hand. I fell in love with this Chayka mecha-quartz. The model 3050, stepper is enormous! Plus, that blue sucks me in every time! I've wanted one of these Luch electronic watches for some time, the seller had two and offered a great price for them. Hoping the yellow isn't as intense in hand. I've heard good things about the 3055 movements, hopefully it's true. Ever since @JohnD Shared his copy of this watch, I knew I had to have one. I'm sorry folks if I'm not acquiring wholly unique pieces, But I collect what I like, as I hope we all do. I'm a bit nervous for the Russians as I'm not certain about the reliability of the various movements. Hopefully the rugged simplicity that are the hallmarks of the Russian engineering ethos will win through.
    • No thanks to you all! I owe you some beers! I enjoy fixing things but like to done right so was extra cautious.   i would like to fix my bearing at some point can you suggest a good tool? I’ve looked around and found some options ranging from eyelet machines (which might come in handy when retrim my cars interior) to some hand held spring hammers similar to an automatic punch which I don’t like. I’d like a small bench hand press with a variety of stakes.   I may even fix one of my others watches which has been sat in a drawer for Years!
    • Hi does any one know who this mark is for . i know AS is schild but cannot find ASAT see pics. Its a oris and under the mark its got 1950/51. I am trying to find the lift angle to time it. before i strip it. thanks gary
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