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Hi my name is Mike. I have just signed up to the forum and just wanted to say hello to everyone. I have Been watching a lot of the videos online. Absolutely amazing.

I just love mechanical watches. And I am now getting seriously interested in knowing more on how they actually work. 





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Morning Mike welcome to the forum. You wont go wrong here lots to learn and no question too small there's lots of very knowledgable people on here.


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Hello and welcome from me at present on holiday in LA

This is a good place to get started as there is a wealth of experience and knowledge at your disposal. Also the members are not without a sense of humour (or I would have been chucked out ages ago). I am a hobbyist tinkerer and have gained a lot from membership.

In brief a lot of us start out by getting a simple old very inexpensive working watch from a well known auction site, I would suggest a wind up one, not automatic, without a date or any other complications and basically take it apart and clean the bits in lighter fluid with a soft brush allow to dry and oil as necessary and put it back together.

I don't know what tools you have or how to oil look it up in the forums, you will need some and some cheap all purpose watch oil for this exercise - start buying the expensive stuff when you are hooked and you have a decent watch to do. Take photos before and after you take each bit apart and refer to them to reassemble it. If you get stuck try a trace in the forum and if that does not work post a query. This advice is only for starting off and it gets a tad more complicated and expensive as you move along.

Best of luck,


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Welcome from Miami, Mike, I'm also on a perennial vacation where I live, work and well...vacation all at the same time...in addition to take a break once in a while from this forsaken vacation place by fixing watches! :)



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    • Cheers mates!! Im working on a Seiko 7123A, im ususally not doing quartz, they are so unpredictable I think... Or is it I dont know them good enoght.... anyway. I have oiled all bearings, cleaned, og had to fix a little on the quick set on the date and day. And now the quick set work, the date and day skifts when I turn th hands 24 hours. The movment runs fine, and keeps time. But when is shall shift date and day during the night, the movment stops around 01.30, but the second hand works. It seems like the movment cant drag the calender work through the shift.   Can somebody pls help me with what the cause is??
    • Famous painters might paint a water colour in 4 hours. 50cents paper and paints. worth a fortune. Go figure. I heard a story about Picasso who used to sign table cloths in restaurants after entertaining a large group and never got billed. He also said he could buy a house if he painted something.... Sure there is clever marketing in watches, but I don't think the inherent value is actually in the materials...perhaps its something else less tangible.
    • Real rolex for fake person , in my opinon. Small dink persons timepiece … haha just my opinion no offence .
    • quality aside.  a fake is a fake no matter how well it is made.  
    • You forget about the high end watches like casio and timex … I guess those are covered under etc...
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