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You might be a pocket watch addict...

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You might be a pocket watch addict...

If you pick out just the right pocket watch to wear to a special occasion.

If you find the ticking of a watch soothing instead of annoying.

If you have ever been asked why you need so many pocket watches.

If you've ever had someone comment on how ridiculously heavy your watch is.  (sometimes followed up with "how can you wear that thing?")

If you love it when someone asks you what time it is, because you get to show off your pocket watch.

If you own some pocket watches because they have special meaning to you, but also own some just because they're pocket watches.

If you've ever wished a pocket watch could talk and tell you its history.

If the bigger and heaver, the better.

If you sometimes get up in the morning, and have trouble deciding which pocket watch to wear.

If you feel sorry for people when you see them checking the time on a digital wristwatch.

If you have ever retrieved your pocket watch from your pocket to check the time, when you don't even care what time it is.

If you have ever looked at the speedometer in your car, and thought that it would look a lot nicer with a mint condition, Montgomery dial.

If holding a pocket watch in your hand makes you feel a little better, no matter how bad of a day you've had.

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    • Welcome to the forum  
    • I cleaned the hole thing, and oiled it using 9010 and hp1300. On the exit stone of the first pallet I put a drop of 9010, I've seen others using it although I now it's not the best there. I didn't oiled the second pallet. I have no photos of the timegrapher screen, and as I do not have a permanent desk I have uninstaled it. I'll take some photos next time I check the watch. But the data I gave is about what you can see there, the lines are very clean and nice in all positions except crown down, where they are quite messy. Lift angle was established at 53.0. I do not think there is any other relevant information you can see on the screen, is there?
    • Does your timing machine show a graphical display you can show us? Besides swapping escapement components what other servicing have you done to this watch? Plus what sort of lubrication are you using especially on the escapement components.
    • BLEURGH! Don't know how that ever became a "delicacy" in the Philippines!
    • We need a clear picture looking in sideways at the hairspring and balance wheel in the watch. Then yes technically her out a center but it's minimal it shouldn't be the cause of amplitude problems. They hairspring not flat would be a cause of problems especially when it's touching something. Can we get timing machine results? And that includes the graphical display with the numbers.    
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