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Hi All

Came by this Tissot Antimagnetique recently at a boot fair in Surrey. The movement, as far as I can ascertain, is a 27.3 dating to 1945 and is very clean and working. It keeps good time and I'm pleased with it but is the stainless case right for this vintage? There are some watch repairers' dates scratched inside that seem to confirm the date, one of which is 25/5/49 coincidentally two days before I was born. The movement is numbered 1832876 and the case is numbered 6072-3  6076. The dial has a couple of discoloured patches either side of the 3 but is otherwise good with intact, but spent, lume on numerals and hands. Do you think it was worth the three quid I paid for it? :)

Sorry about poor quality pics.





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    • By lucasantarella
      Hi All,
      I recently replaced the movement for my Tissot PR50, which was a standard ETA F06.111. I now need to replace the crown as the old stem was broken into the crown and could not be re-used.
      Could someone point me in the right direction in finding a proper replacement crown? I don't know the size or how/where to measure to find a proper crown.
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    • By rbfesquire
      Hi guys,
      Was wondering if you could help identify this movement. It has rusted and needs replacing!
      Unfortunately, there is no codes on it. It looks very similar to a Rotary I have, but looks a little wider.
      Kind regards,

    • By ramrod
      a couple of months ago i won a lanco on ebay. i liked it because it was a nice size it was in great shape. it was bought as a nonrunner. when i got it, i opened it up and realized that the movement is a tissot 2481 auto. i didn't know that lancos were tissots in disguise. i haven't worked on one yet and i'm wondering how easy it might be to service. has anyone worked on one?
      also, i noticed that the escape does not have the tiny screw adjuster on it. i can't figure out why it would be missing, but it might have something to do with the fact that it doesn't run.
      another thing; when i turn the crown, it must not be long enough because it sets the time. i can't push the crown in deep enough to wind it. someone cut the stem too short.
      so far i need; a new stem and a complete balance assembly.
      one more thing; when i turn the crown and the watch sets, only the hour hand moves. i haven't run into this type of issue before. what is broken inside to allow that to happen?
      i'll probably look for a spare movement and cannibalize it.
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      Tissot T063.637.16.057 (ETA G15.561): It is possible to calibrate the date change moment? I've tested 3 watches, and they all had problem with date change moment: 1) 22:40, 2) 23:47, 3) 23:54. But other users report that they have date change exactly at 00:00, so may be it is possible to calibrate the moment when the date is changed?

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    • Is this a new movement or one you have cleaned? does it just stop with power on. If the movement doesn't start up when you start to wind it might be out of beat. What does it sound like when going, does it have an uneven sound? if so it is out of beat and needs adjusting. If you could post a photo showing the balance I can advise what you need to do. 
    • As stated after removing the hand set and key. Remove the hands then the screws around the dial. You should then be able to remove the screws that mount the movement inside the case.
    • Return the watch to the repairer. After a full wind it should run (according to the Eta tech sheet) for a minimum of 38hrs without any movement.     
    • In order for an automatic to run for longer periods or to its full potential it needs to start with a full wind. Not sure what the watch went through in the last 10 years but it sounds like the movement is operating as it should. It could have been in the last 10 years it started with a full wind and he consistently wore it for 10 years? Or did he ever manually wind it? Did he always wear it when sleeping? If so how many times in 10 years? These questions may not have answers but could explain the difference. Movement is def a big part of the winding process in an auto watch, it is within it self a form of winding, which is why they sell automatic winding watch cases. So by not manually winding and not wearing it while sleeping and purposely leaving sitting for long periods to see what the reserve is will all play a part in this.
    • I'm more inclined to think improperly serviced automatic works. Perhaps improperly lubricated reversing wheels?
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