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    • If it were a construction site I'd be fired.  An 8-hour day and one successful joint to show for it.  I had to tweak the jig and lots of trial and error before I got my tools to behave.  Having that behind me, the rest of the drawers will take far less time.  So my 14 drawers will be box jointed just like this. 
    • Thanks again, VWatchie.  I think I understand now.  9501 and Molykote DX are for high friction areas.  The inside of the barrel is certainly high friction for automatics; but we're not trying to mitigate friction as much as we're trying to allow the main spring freedom to slide so it doesn't score or foul the internal wall of the barrel.  Yes?
    • Nice one Jon a good job well done
    • Hi I think the genuine part will fix it   after market parts although look the same quite often are not. Consider the crispness of the edges of the pattern part are they sharp if not that is likely the problem sliding over the pin not along it.
    • not difficult if you have some experience, no experience i wouldnt try it...check for broken teeth on hour/min wheels and clutch/ratchet wheels. If any are broken you need to source a new one. and iam not familiar with this watch but is there a sub second hand or a center second hand? if so check the second hand and make sure it not binding up somewhere this could explain what i like to call the "ghost escapement" when power is applied to balance but then train gets jammed causing the escape wheel not to spin. there are other causes of this but i would rule those out since you now say its running fine and keeping accurate time. also make sure the dial is secured tight and flat to the movement, if there is any wiggle room the hour wheel could be coming off the canon pinion. this could be a simple fix. if making the dial flat and tight dont work a new hour wheel may be needed. sometimes they get damaged when someone doesnt properly remove the hands and they can be too loose and wiggle causing it to slip and/or making hour hand bob and weave up and down as you change the time causing a bind. If you cant source a new hour wheel then try adding a couple more dial washers to keep it down
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