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May I Introduce Myself

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Greetings everyone, my name is Todd Godfrey. i own a small family run jewelry shop in North Carolina. My dad taught me how to do a certain degree of watch repair but since I am in charge of running a store I cannot spend as much time as I would like at the watch bench. I am a huge Anglofile and look forward to meeting you all over time.


Thanks very much indeed



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    • By gill1967
      Hello All
      My name is Paul and I have an illness, an addiction...watches!
      I started collecting last year really, but, this year I have started buying watches that are not working so I can fix them.
      I am looking forward to gaining knowledge and hopefully some 'watch buddies' along the way.
      Thanks for letting me join Mark.
    • By wilding
      Hello to all of you out there!
      So, the moderator asked me to do some intros to myself. Here they are.
      I'm just getting properly into watch repairs and slowly building my kit and various bags of to-be-fixed watches.
      So far, I'm sticking to quartz watches. Actually I have a few books on repairing mechanical watches, but it is scary stuff! Maybe I just need to explore more.
      I'm certainly NOT a pro, but a home-repairing amateur.
      I have fixed quite a few already, but also killed some watches in the process. Hey, that's part of learning - right?
      So, I guess that's all for now.
    • By tucker810
      Just getting started with watch repair and am already hooked. I set aside a table in my house to keep my supplies in and use. Hopefully, I will learn some stuff here.
    • By Colly
      Hi everybody. New to the fascinating world of horology and just bought my 1st semi decent watch.
      ....a seagull . An avid watcher of the YouTube watch channels and blown away by the skills in the creation of timepieces.
      Got here by following the links on Marks repair of a Breitling that was rusted and hope to learn more about watches in general.
      Just a new fan to this amazing theme of creation of mechanical movements and soak up all the history of it in general.
    • By donnie
      Hi All,
      I'm a watch technician at a local watch repair shop here in San Francisco. I look forward to seeing what this forum has to offer.
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    • I'm not familiar with the tool you are using, but it looks like it is giving good results. Screwdrivers are more forgiving than knives with shapening, to sharpen my screwdreivers I purchased a 240 grit and 400 grit diamond sharpening plate off ebay for just $3 or $4 each and have one an A&F spring loaded screwdriver holder for sharpening and find that gives me pretty good results. The most important thing is using your Loupe to check you have inserted the screwdriver correctly before sharpening. Also if you are removing a chip on the blade you will normally have to hold the blade at 90 degrees to the diamond plate and take a small amount off the end so they screwdriver blade once sharpened to ensure it doesn't bottom out in the screw.
    • Did you remove the cap stones on the balance and fully clean out the old oil? If not the old oil could be gumming up the new oil. Have you checked the pivots of the balance for wear? Checked the jewels for any cracks? Does the anchor snap cleanly from side to side if you nudge it with an oiler with the balance removed?  
    • Wow, thats quite a hoard of Military watches, I own several WWII aircraft clocks and a Navy Deck clock, but have yet to get my hands on any military clocks, thats some serious practice you have had.
    • I realize its an old thread but deserves a bump, its pure gold! Thank u all for all informatin. I myself have a Elma super Elite and  ive been struggling with the cleaning result. I think i just expect too much out of it  
    • Got it! Very clear responses from everyone, and thank you.
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