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Hello all,

I have been tinkering and learning about watchmaking for a couple of months and came across this forum whilst looking for watch parts and advice. 

I have a particular interest in Smiths watches owning two at the moment which both need work. 

I am looking forward to contributing.




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Welcome Joe I too own a couple of Smith's I was wearing a nice navigator last week I even posted it in watch of the day on this forum. If your into repairing or refurbishing you won't go wrong here there's always help for those who ask.


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:biggrin: I was thinking, never heard of a Smiths Navigator! I do like services watches though.

I'm currently trying to stop buying watches. I've found it very addictive and need to get servicing equipment instead of more broken watches. 


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Yep good screwdrivers not cheap charlie Wanger's loupes tweezers movement holder pegwood something to clean parts with good light so you can see what your doing Rodico oils and grease the list goes on and on and on but once you've got it it should last you a while its just the initial cost and theres always something else you need its never ending :Dbut there's nothing like dismantling a movement cleaning the parts putting it all back together oiling it then add the balance and watching it spring to life that watch now has a heartbeat and will live again. 

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    • Plastic crystals have a lot of stress and this will eventually show up as a lot of hairline fractures on the crystal. If you are saying you want to save the original I would recommend not bothering they are considered consumables. Get an original crystal installed by a proffessional is the best route. Not much difference in price to buying one from them and installing  it yourself. Anilv
    • Say that fast 5 times 😂
    • I have a few questions on the use of a (lever-type) jeweling tool in the adjustment of jewel endshakes, as I have never done this before. 1. If the endshake is too much or too little, how do you choose where to adjust the endshake? Do you adjust the endshake on the train bridge, or the main plate, or both? How do you decide which is the best? 2. When inserting the pusher into the spindle of a lever-type jeweling tool, such as a Favourite, is the best practice to take out the entire spindle from the tool frame to insert the pusher? And likewise, take out the entire spindle from the tool frame to remove the pusher? Or is it perfectly ok to insert or remove the pusher when the spindle is still inside the jeweling tool frame. Which way is safer/ best practice. 3. Is there an attachment to the base of the jeweling tool to hold the mainplate or bridges? I don’t seem to see any for sale, new or otherwise. Can I make one?
    • In the USA, you could try: https://www.jewelerssupplies.com/ or http://www.julesborel.com/ Cousins in the UK might be a possibility (although Waltham is a US watch, I'm sure some of them made it across the pond). https://www.cousinsuk.com/ Mark also has a list here: https://www.watchfix.com/category/watch-parts-tools-suppliers/watch-parts-tools-suppliers-us/
    • Yup. It's like the song from The Greatest Showman.... Never Enough! Never, never...
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