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Video: Part 2 of 3 Seiko 7S26 SKX Automatic Watch Service and Lubrication. Seiko 5

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    • By Mark
      In this video I am correcting a few mistakes I made in the Seiko 7S26 service and lubrication series of videos.

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    • By Mark
      In this video I am correcting a few mistakes I made in the Seiko 7S26 service and lubrication series of videos.
    • By anilv
      Hi guys.. Sharing some pics of my latest purchase. 
      An early Seiko 5. This was for sale on  local facebook page and I got it for MYR177 plus MYR10 for shipping.  That's less than USD50 all in. I'm not a fan of these ridged bezels but I was drawn to the clean face as these are getting harder to find. 

      The case back is from Nov '67. Seiko went from the seven digit serial numbers to the six digit ones sometime in '67 so this would be an early one. Oh and a 'proof' case back is always nice! It's a snap back.. Not a front loader. 

      Case looks like its been polished but it's not too bad. 

      Another view of the dial... On most older Seiko's you would find the lume has blackened and this affects an otherwise perfect dial but since this model didn't come with lume it's pretty much perfect. 

      Inside is a 6119 movement... I'm particularly find if this movement and despite the bezel I think this one is a keeper. 
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    • considering this is not a hacking movement i would agree with JD, if it is hacking then the crown is not seated correctly and the watch is hacking......but i will put my money on it that it has a dirty stuck mainspring vert common on these older watches i see all the time, and the seller means putting pressure on the crown as if your trying to wind the watch, that pressure basically forces energy on to the train forcing it to tick, once crown is let go the tension comes off and the watch stops. in this case the mainspring will need to be changed or cleaned, oiled, and re installed.
    • the screws support the pinions when pressing hands on. the hand being off could have just been you not pressing on perfectly. as far as clone 7750 goes they really arent top notch when compared to the eta, the chinese have no quality control and the chrono arms always have more play in them compared to the eta because of the way they are riveted together, make sure there is no play in the rivets.   but the spring is 100% your issue it may be popping out when hit the start button look at the pic i attached the spring should but up against the pinion arm. that spring pushes the arm and allows the pinion to make contact with the center wheel which makes the chrono run when you hit the start button, then pull back when stopping chrono.   also i have to ask is the rolex real? if so go spend $400 and get an official valjoux 7750. you will thank me later    
    • Tightened the canon pinion and now the watch is working perfectly.  Thank you all so much!
    • Hi sean,  Ok, A data sheet on this calib, helps . NWCCA is likely to provide us with info,s.  Help is almost on personal basis at watchrepairtalk.  I got my tools and am ready .  Regards