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The Worst Timegrapher Reading?


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A de-magnetiser is an essential tool in your workshop. You should de-magnetise every watch after service and before regulating.


But I am not entirely sure magnetisation is the fault here. Check that the coils of the hairspring are not touching each other. 


To illustrate this I have made a quick video which shows readings for both faults and you will see what I mean.


I will upload it today and update you when it's available.



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Thanks. Looking forward to view the video.


Regardless of the issue to this watch I received, I've been wanting to get demagnetizer, so could you recommend one or two demagnetizers?

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The Etic 340.400 is a good demagnetiser and this is quite cheap. You can get cheap Chinese clones of this tester which I have and it works fine.



I also have an Elma Anti-Mag and this is an excellent tool but quite a bit more expensive.



I have done a demonstration in the video I am uploading so you can see how they both work.

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I have purchased a demagnetiser and it doesn't fix the issue.

Now, I am still trying to find the fault on the watch. Thankfully the watch owner is patience and let me have as much as time required to fix it :)

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Well that's disappointing.


You are best to focus around the escapement.


Check the hairspring carefully. are the coils touching at all? - it is in the index?

take the balance out - is the spring flat?

check the balance roller - is the ruby pin loose? is the roller loose on the balance staff?

Check the pallets - is the guard pin loose? Are the pallets secure on the pallet arbor?

Check the balance jewels - end shake and side shake.

Has the balance got timing screws on the rim? Are these touching?

Is the balance wheel true? Is the balance wheel touching the pallet cock in certain positions?


On the timing machine do you get this reading both dial up and dial down? and how about pendant down?, pendant up?


Check the hairspring point of attachment to the hairspring collet - is it loose? What about the hairspring stud screw - is it tight?


I hope I didn't miss anything out :)

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    • I don't think I have enough axes to grind to justify the cost.
    • Thank you for the answers! The bottom one yes and appears clean, i have oiled properly it now. Not the top one because I would need to remove the balance wheel to unscrew from bottom, the regulator is not boot type, I am afraid I will never mount it again, it's too tiny piece for my skills. All these tests are passing fine, in my opinion. I made a round of cleaning in ultrasonic for balance wheel and bridge, trying to better oiling, I will see if any change tomorrow. No shim originally found... I will eventually consider one or two hour wheel shim/spacers eventually, if that woudl still make a difference. Thanks again! I'll try to make good use of your suggestions, this movement means a lot to me. Ascanio
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    • That is the Indian copy of an MKS 46610 (famous Japanese brand), I got one as clearance from Germany and paid maybe less than that. If you use the search function you should find my posting.
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