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I just got a new Chinese movement (TY2867), and when I push the winder in, the movement won't start. I've manually wind it a few times, pull the winder out and push it back in.

What could be the issue? Thanks

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If the balance is not swinging freely, you can investigate if there is a balance stop which is supposed to engage when the crown is pulled out is incorrectly configured. 


If the balance is swinging freely then you need to remove it and see if the pallets are moving as expected. If they are then the problem possibly with the balance or jewel holes (check the shock system). If not then you have a blockage in the train of wheels.


Its a case of process of elimination until you get down to the actual problem. Start with the escapement and work back through the train to the power source.


Warning: These movements are quite tricky to locate all the wheels and auto works when re-assembling so make sure you take plenty of pictures and be patient. Go slowly.

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Thank you for the explanation. I suspect the problem is with the balance stop, because during the repair, the stem needs to be removed and inserted multiple times. Sometimes when putting the stem back, it does not go in aren't as smooth (or as easy) as it should be. 

The balance wheel does swing, but I don't think as freely as it should be.


If this is the case, what should I do?


Thanks again.

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I am not quite sure what happened, maybe you can help with the explanation.

In short, I fixed it. It's the pallets.


I take the balance out and notice that the pallets aren't locking correctly. I take the pallets out and re-align, install the balance back. That fixes it. However, I am not quite sure what actually happened. 

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The pallets can sometimes over-bank if the hands are wound anti-clockwise. If there is too much friction in the motion work this is even more of a risk because you are effectively putting backwards pressure on the train. It is very possible that this was the cause although it's hard for me to guess accurately ;)


Glad you got it resolved - well done :)

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