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A quick step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the battery on a TAG Heuer Aquaracer. This watch belongs to a good friend, and it is in need of a battery replacement. 
Step 1: Remove the screw on case back.
The tools I am using are a three-pins Jaxa case opener and a case holder.
At first, I try to open the case-back just with the watch mounted on the case holder. But the case-back is very tightly screwed on (this is a diver watch with 300m waterproof). In the end, I secure the the case holder on a mounted bench vice to free both of my hands to open the case-back. I also find that using a three-pins opener a lot better than a two-pins, especially for a diver watch.
Step 2: Check the battery
The quartz movement inside this Aquaracer is a Ronda 6004.B, which uses 373 Silver-Oxide battery (or SR916SW).
When I receive the watch, the battery is not fully exhausted. The small-second hand jumps every four seconds (battery-saving mode), though still keeping time it shows that the battery is weak. 
With battery replacement jobs, I usually receive the watch with a fully exhausted battery. To ensure that the issue is not with the movement, I always test the old battery before replacing it.
A quick test on this battery shows that the problem is with the battery. A new battery is around 1.5Volts.
Step 3: Grease the seals
Before I screw the caseback on, I grease the caseback seal using Seiko silicon greaser (S-916) that comes with an applicator and the crown seal with Seiko greaser (TSF-451). If the seal is no longer in good condition, it is advisable to replace it also.
Tip: To grease the seal on the crown, you will need to first remove the stem (or watch winder). Below is an excellent video on how to remove a stem on just about any watch.

Step 4: Waterproof test
The next step is to waterproof test the watch.
Note: I am still saving up to get myself a waterproof tester.
Job's done!
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I wanted to share this case back opener with everyone. I grew up using what everybody uses and when we started seeing watch cases that were really big and the "regular" tool would'nt fit, I ordered this one. It is so comfortable in the hand and fits 98 % of watches you would see. There are some smaller ladies Seikos and the like that it wont fit but everything else...no problems. It is a HOROTEC product.


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