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E. Howard Wristwatch


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I wanted to find a Hunter Case movement so that I could use the original dial and not have to get it refinished to match the new layout of a wristwatch conversion. I was lucky enough to find this Hunter case E. Howard 12s movement with a pristine dial. Amazing that the movement, dial and hands are all over 100 years old! The movement also has a "Safety Barrel" meaning that if the mainspring ever breaks, it will not damage the train wheels with the sudden recoil of the spring barrel. Case is 46mm without the crown, but really does not feel that large on the wrist.







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Nice - Howard made good movements - and yours is in fine fettle!

Thanks Will!

I try and build stuff that I like, but will be appreciated by others as well. And, There is just something about these vintage movements that I find intoxicating!

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    • In the past i have had them land on my side with seller issues, but this is the first time i have had something missing from a lot. Impossible for either of us to prove ( i should have recorded the unwrapping which i have done in the past with expensive buys.  The seller has just told me that the complete listing was there when it was sent,  asked if the parcel was damaged and has no idea how just one watch could be missing. Hmm i know exactly why it's fooking missing 🤨. Ebay is nearly always on the buyer's side, i spend a lot of money on ebay, so helping me out should be important to them.  To add the seller's feedback isn't squeeky clean so i expect a good outcome. 
    • Got one. Same colour.  Yes, I do the 1/4 system. I did see from JohnR725's .pdf which way to put the crystal. See, I am reading folks. Getting there.     Update. Completed service. All works well. Only problem, the balance spring is out of the regulator pin. Next job using the microscope. Tried it in just for the heck. -890s. Amplitude 197 degrees.   BE 0.2 degrees. Not bad for a watch that would not even wind.  Another tooth ache (age thing). Repair will need to wait now.
    • The click spring should have a tiny notch that fits into a small hole in the plate. Just a tight screw down will be fine or to be safe a spring washer. (If room)
    • Do eBay step up to help in this situation?
    • My least favourite scam is the one I'm experiencing at the moment,  after accepting an offer i made the buyer removed the item i was specifically after from the job lot i received to compensate himself 🤨.
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