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14K Gold 1950's Elgin


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Here is a watch given to me by a friend. Only needed to be cleaned and lubricated. post-68-0-28291100-1398381401_thumb.jpg. This watch is from the 1950's, 17 jewel automatic. Caliber elgin 645. The dial is cream colored but around the center some of the color is gone showing white. I am not going to mess with the dial. Probably better to have the original versus a dial that has been redone.

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The dial is cream colored but around the center some of the color is gone showing white. I am not going to mess with the dial. Probably better to have the original versus a dial that has been redone.

I'm with you on this and welcome to the forum!

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I love early Elgin watches. Yours looks to be from the days when they stopped using American movements and moved over gradually to Swiss movements. My guess is that the movement in yours is American. I wouldn't mess with the dial either - you can clean and polish away history that way!

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Both fine watches and it's nice to know they have gone to good homes.  Thousands of fine watches have ended up in the bin just so the gold case can be melted down,  almost a crime against humanity.  Would be punishable by flogging if I made the laws.

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    • I couldn't agree more! That said, letting a seller on eBay know what you, as a buyer, think is a reasonable price, I don't consider interfering but negotiating. However, I wouldn't get in touch with a seller if I didn't have at least some personal interest in the item being sold. When I politely initiate a negotiation and let the seller know what I think the item is worth and why, I expect the seller to be cordial and respectful in his reply.  I treat buyers the same no matter their offer, even if it's a crappy offer. Even in these cases, I thank the buyer for his interest and offer. Then I offer the buyer the price I can currently think of accepting and close with a friendly greeting. How hard can it be?  Although I always try to be friendly and respectful, I have had buyers become aggressive and rude when I politely declined their offer. When sellers get angry and rude about an offer, I think it's because they have a hard time accepting that their item isn't worth as much as they hope. The strange thing is that they react as if someone tried to steal their money. Why not just politely decline? Unfortunately, money has a personality-changing effect on some people, and unfortunately never for the better.
    • In the past i have had them land on my side with seller issues, but this is the first time i have had something missing from a lot. Impossible for either of us to prove ( i should have recorded the unwrapping which i have done in the past with expensive buys.  The seller has just told me that the complete listing was there when it was sent,  asked if the parcel was damaged and has no idea how just one watch could be missing. Hmm i know exactly why it's fooking missing 🤨. Ebay is nearly always on the buyer's side, i spend a lot of money on ebay, so helping me out should be important to them.  To add the seller's feedback isn't squeeky clean so i expect a good outcome. 
    • Got one. Same colour.  Yes, I do the 1/4 system. I did see from JohnR725's .pdf which way to put the crystal. See, I am reading folks. Getting there.     Update. Completed service. All works well. Only problem, the balance spring is out of the regulator pin. Next job using the microscope. Tried it in just for the heck. -890s. Amplitude 197 degrees.   BE 0.2 degrees. Not bad for a watch that would not even wind.  Another tooth ache (age thing). Repair will need to wait now.
    • The click spring should have a tiny notch that fits into a small hole in the plate. Just a tight screw down will be fine or to be safe a spring washer. (If room)
    • Do eBay step up to help in this situation?
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