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Tudor Stem Not Engaging Correctly

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Hello everyone


This is my first topic post here on the Forum and this is my dilema... I recieved a Tudor mens movement ETA 2824-2 and i reset the 6 ocklock marker on the face

but when i went to install the stem back into the watch, the only thing working now is the date and i can not change the Time. I did not use a screw driver when i removed the Stem for this was the first time opening a Tudor, so i believe that i may have done something to the keyless works. 

is there something i can do with out disassemble, or is that the only way? is there a link with a strip down of this or similar movement?


Thank you for all your help.


sorry, only have this picture, forgot to take one from the inside




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Mark did a video on that movement, (or at least the '2824' not sure what the difference is with a 2824-2) I can't remember but that might have been one where he mentioned a common problem with a setting lever, I don't have time to check right now.

chances are you will have to go back and check the keyless work hasn't slipped out of place or been damaged. 

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I hope you asked the customer if he/she wanted the case refinished Omar, I know a few folk that would go ballistic if their watch was refinished.

Nice job by the way. :)

Yeah Geo

I told him I would do it because of the delay I caused with messing up on the keyless work,

I originally took it in for resetting the 6 o'clock marker on the face

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