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Which Watch Have You Got Coming In The Mail ? Show Us !!!

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21 hours ago, AndyHull said:

.. and finally on my very slow slide in to horologicaly induced  bankruptcy..  six quid + p&p secured this lot.


That's the biggest loupe I've ever seen on the right, you must have enormous eyes!


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Eye Spy'd with my one enormous eye, on the junk pike that is ebay... another potential member of the somewhat random 404 club.


In addition to a full clean and service, It will need a crown and stem at the very least, and most likely the careful removal of some low level radioactive waste (though I will probably leave the stuff still attached to the dial alone, at least for the time being).

It is unquestionably more refined than the "sausage watch" and Mr Mao, and for a whopping £3.55 + P&P probably worth it for the scrap value of the case alone. But fear not, I have no intention of melting it down.

Now can any of the experts tell me what the caliber is, to save me a heap of head scratching and googling?




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Oooh a nicely radioactive trenchy.

Make sure you don't lick the dial and hands and if you plan to service it with full hazmat suit, please video it, I'd love to watch it. 

On another note, is there anything less refined than the sausage watch? :lol:

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A bit of a classic Timex. So much so that Timex recently released a Snoopy version of the new Miyota automatic based Marlins, and a bunch of other self homages in the Peanuts Charlie Brown, Snoopy & Friends range.


This more petite version, I'm guessing from the mid seventies, is the one I remember from my childhood, blue dial and all.
It is heading in my direction as a "non runner" (no surprises there), and I was the only bid at £1.93


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I've placed my usual derisory bid on a number of "Kander" watches, over the last few months, and finally I was successful, securing this 21 jewel non runner.


What-er watches? I hear you cry. 

Kander - named after the river that works its way from the glaciers high up in the Berner Alps, past the now sadly defunct watchmaker's former home of Frutigen (postcard below). This relatively small maker like many others bit the dust in the "quartz crisis" in the 1980s.


Now most people have probably never heard of the Kander river, nor would they associate the mountain peaks on the watch maker's logo with anything in particular, but in fact they most likely represent the two peaks in the background on the right of the postcard, which dominate the view from the village. 

How do I know?

Simple, I climbed the Balmhorn when I was around fifteen in 1979, and later completed the Balmhorn Altels  traverse (climbing the Balmhorn crossing that obvious ridge in the picture to the Altels and descended from there), about ten years later, and have been through Frutigen many times, though not for a good few years now.

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I found this info online.


Schweizer Uhrenmarke

Hans Schafroth gründete in Frutigen im Berner Oberland in den 1960er Jahren das Unternehmen "Uhrenfabrik Kander AG".

Das Markenzeichen der Uhrenmarke "Kander" sind 3 Berge, bei welchen es sich anscheinend um die Berge rund um das Blüemlisalp handelt.

Die Firma wurde in den 80er abgewickelt aufgrund der Schweizer Uhrenkrise und am 17.06.1983 aus dem Handelsregister gelöscht.

Which translates to -


Swiss watch brand

Hans Schafroth founded the company "Uhrenfabrik Kander AG" in Frutigen in the Bernese Oberland in the 1960s.

The trademark of the watch brand "Kander" are 3 mountains, which seem to be the mountains around the Blüemlisalp.

The company was wound up in the 80s due to the Swiss watch crisis and was deleted from the commercial register on 17.06.1983.

I think they are mistaken about the logo, since it shows two mountains not three, and the Blüemlisalp massif is kind of round the corner out of site of the main village so far as I recall, although you can possibly see the Fründenhorn

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    • I've never used the Longines archive extract but it has to be applauded for offering this as a free service, I have however used the Omega extract service which has a charge attached to it, that service was also good and included the Model number and Name year of manufacture and which retailer originally sold the watch and in which country. I have also had good experiences with a company called Eberhard many years ago, I needed some parts for a old chronograph I  bought at a local auction  I needed a full set of hands a winding crown, and oval pushers, on the off chance they may still have these I wrote to them with the serial number and received a very nice letter back from them telling me that my watch had been manufactured in 1938 and was a two button 18ct rose gold chronograph and that they did have the parts and would be happy to supply them for 65 Swiss francs. Try doing that with any of the large manufactures, their response was a pleasant surprise. I had the watch for many years but sadly I had it stolen about 5 years ago.
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. Where is NL
    • It's ok if that's how she self identified.
    • Personally I would see if incabloc springs fit.
    • Thanks a lot guys ... I'll do some test and show the results. I really love that dial though it's pretty stained and scratched so I'll try first with Rodico, Q-tips and distilled water and see how it goes. There is no financial risk as I got it for cheap ($40 shipped) but those 1002 dials don't often show up on the net and are sold for much more, even if they are damaged ... plus I have a nice 5500 case that's waiting for a dial    By the way ... did anyone of you ever drilled an ETA 2840 mainplate to make place for Rolex dial feets ? I'm asking because I have the case, the low beat ETA and a handset that could fit but I don't think I could ever cut the feets of a Beyeler Rolex dial 
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