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Just a thought how are you logging off. Also when I go to this forum I am automatically logged on with my password etc. BUT I am not actually logged on until I go to the site and my Mac recognises the password etc. Is this the issue

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Again, thanks all for help. My OS is Win Vista (not proud but it came with my PC and I dont have time to change to a new one and need to install all the software I have already working). My browser is Google Chrome. But if this is a problem with OS or browser, should do the same for several sites like ..bay, gmail, and others (including bank and credit card payment sites).

It is strange. When I leave the site, I logoff, and everything is OK, if I need to return I need to login. However, if I leave the site loading another, when I load again the WRT site I am already login.

As I told, it is not a big deal. I will start to be nervous when I'll go to my bank account site and be already login !  :mad:

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