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Italian Source For Watch Cases, Movements,movement/case And Parts

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Came across this whilst trawling for info.  Seem to have a large selection of decent watch cases,movements etc.  Not used but may be helpful to others searching for that obscure item.  In Italian so you may need a translator app.



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Came across this whilst trawling for info. Seem to have a large selection of decent watch cases,movements etc. Not used but may be helpful to others searching for that obscure item. In Italian so you may need a translator app.


They are very helpful and accept paypal.

Supplied me with a split winding stem for my Roamer back in Jan (I think)

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The first link looks interesting, but nowhere is explained how to buy...

Just email them.

Tell them what you need, they confirm availability (there is a veeeery long list) and price. Request their PayPal email and send the money.

This is what I did. Very quick to reply and got here quick too.

Helps if you can read and write perfect Italian too [emoji6]

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Just looked ay my emails to him.

I emailed on sat 20th Dec at 5pm uk time and he replied an hour later.

I got two stems in the quote below. A single and a two-part one. Postage reasonable too.

OK DISPONIBILE MST 413, 414, 415, 430 ALBERO DI CARICA 10 1/2’’’ 436, 437, 470, 471 RONDA 1359 TIGE ROAMER

EURO 15,00 + 8,00 SPEDIZIONE TOT. 23,00 EURO

OK PAYPAL: [email protected]

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    • By oldboy
      I am considering selling leather watch straps, but I have a question before I blindly go ahead and produce a bunch of them.
      I am wondering if anybody who has worked in the industry for a while can tell me what the most common sizes are of strap pins or lug widths?
      I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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      I picked the up the 1945 Bulova Cadet as a non-worker on eBay, then I received a parts lot that had a Westfield case and dial. Of course, I had to get a 1940 Westfield Trojan cousin movement for it. 

      Unfortunately, I didn't notice til this morning that the replacement Westfield had a curved dial whereas my case had a flat dial and it doesn't fit. Oh well, guess I'll have to buy more watches. 
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      Anyone know a supplier that would have orient watch parts. In general orient doesn’t supply parts I guess and it’s been hard to find on eBay. I have an EM60 repair. The crystal was damaged and whatever damaged it burned through and burnt the inner bezel and I cannot find a bezel with the same markings. Any help would be awesome.
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      Hi folks, just discovered this site tonight.
      I am mostly a newb, although I have experience with smallscale work from electronics.
      I have recently gotten into watch building, not from scratch mind you, I buy the movements...
      I recently came into a Luminox, with a Ronda 515 movement in it.
      The movement runs slow with a brand new battery.  I figured for $20 from Esslinger, the easiest fix for me at my level of skill was a new movement, rather than disassembly,clean,lube,re-assemble.
      So, I bought the movement.
      While trying to remove the crown from the stem, I learned the quality of the loctite/cyanoacrylate/whatever that Luminox uses to fix their crowns to their stems.
      does anyone know where I can buy Luminox replacement crowns?
      I have hopes that I can remove the stem fragment from the crown, but those hopes are quite small.  I only have about .200 - .300 thousandths of the stem protruding from the crown.
      Yes, next time, remove O-rings, then apply heat, THEN unscrew the crown.
      Having problems uploading a photo of the crown.
      ANY help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
    • By bangy55
      I've been a member over a year now and have only made one post. I thought it might be worthwhile to share a text string between my 31 year old daughter Christen who is newly interested in watches, and myself to enlighten newcomers on the evolution of watches. She texted me from work at the County Clerk's office this morning and the following discussion ensued:
      Christen: Hey Dad, check this out:
      I wanna talk about that when we get the chance
      Dad:  Okay
      Christen: listening to David Hume's philosophy
      Dad:  Slow day?
      Christen: Just transferring images into cases. Pretty boring. But I can pay closer attention to the podcast.
      I looked up the watchmaker argument because the Podcaster mentioned that the argument was used during David Hume's time
      Dad:  Ah..
      Christen: I've known about it, but it's the first time I've really dug further than the statement by itself
      Evolution supposedly gave the argument less sway and I don't understand how
      Dad: That's simple. Evolution proved and explained that all living creatures were created by a multitude of incredible accidents accumulating over millions of years. Therefore, the same is true for watches. In ancient times, when the first rudimentary watches crawled out of the sea, they were quite simple. Consisting of nothing more than a circular base with a single vertical staff that cast a shadow on the circular base. While technically "watches," they were blind in the beginning. Having no numbers by which other, still non-existing creatures, could tell the time. As naturally occurring accidents accumulated, numbers began to appear. These numbers too were rudimentary at first and only existed in the form of Roman numerals. While useful to early man, he had yet to invent Roman numerals and therefore, could barely tell time in the beginning. This caused untold confusion, with cavemen and the like suffering frustration due to missed appointments with business associates and grouchy children due to irregular bedtimes.
      Through a process of natural selection, Roman numerals were finally nudged out by the more accurate and therefore more fit and able to survive, balance spring watch. These watches, by virtue of their ability to work even in the dark, eventually made the "solar" style watch practically extinct. It being relegated to English gardens and museum entrances. A mere vestige of its ancient beginnings.
      By the 1970s, a new rock had evolved that became known as "quartz" and it had, through amazing coincidence, affixed itself to the already existing metal watch case. Over time, the quartz "rock" assumed a certain shape allowing it to replace the balance spring as a source of constant vibration. However, without complex wires and coils, and what later became known as a "battery," it remained useless. In time, thanks to the wonder of Evolution, these difficulties were all overcome by inevitable accidents. The sudden appearance of actual working quartz watches nearly wiped out the clumsy and inaccurate by comparison mechanical spring watches from the face of the earth.
      Christen: This is fabulous. Watches and their beginnings should be on the discovery Channel. Very educational
      Fantastic, father!
      Dad: someday.
      Christen: Keep your watch evolution explanation handy. It'll be great to look back on lol
      Dad: Alas, there was found in "man," a rather useless and unnecessary trait known as sentimentality. This trait has no known ability to promote the evolution of the species. In fact, it could be argued that it has slowed its advancement. Nevertheless, it has for the time stalled the inevitable decline and certain demise of the mechanical watch. Weak and inferior men and women the world over are struggling to keep the horribly inaccurate spring watch relevant, even spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a watch that is less accurate than a $10 quartz watch easily found huddled together at a local Walmart store.
      No sooner did nature introduce the incredibly accurate quartz watch than the even more precise and complicated "Cell-phone" appear. This marvel of evolution displays the time plus many other amazing complications by virtue of a vast network of connectivity worldwide through the air. It has been argued that it could be thought of as a single organism rather than many millions of evolved individual organisms.
      It is yet to be seen if the quartz watch, which has only recently appeared on the long fascinating road that is accidental evolution, will hold the same sentimental value as the mechanical watch. It has been conjectured that due to environmental pressures brought on by the cellphone, that a third species may evolve from the mechanical and quartz watches. In fact, there has been discovered recently, a new species that has been categorized by scientists by the Latin name, Seiko Quartz Spring Drive. This amazing newcomer, while having the inferior balance spring anatomy, has clearly evolved from the quartz species and has internal and external features of both.
      The End.
      Your tax dollars at work, Folks.

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    • out of curiosity is this your first watch to service? then just to be clear does your watch look like they watch in the picture at the link below? if so you should look carefully and notice that will have to taken apart if you really want to oil the pivots. That's because the two pivots that are visible have cap jewels which prevent you from putting oil on them. were going to have to disassemble if you really want to lubricate. But I would probably do some diagnostics first like when the battery is in and you listen to the watch can you hear anything like a humming sound from the tuning fork that is assuming it is like the watch below?. https://calibercorner.com/omega-caliber-1250/  
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. Why not sign up to Mark's first course and get to know the basic.
    • The lume binder holds the new pip in place. 
    • Manufacturing Seiko lume pip for 6309 7040. Using a staking set and peice of plastic from bergeon packaging which is the right thickness, once in the bezel I will relume with c3 and post more photos 
    • I made a habit of putting just balance cock assembly on mainplate( nothing else) to examine and make adjustments before the clean, namely to check how balance spins in several positions and level the coil, check its concentercity, make sure nothing rubs and pivot shoulder stand proud of jewels and the jewel housing,  next you want to add the fork on and check fork&roller table and guard pin, so would be the end shake most observable When there is no other part on mainplate but balance cock assembly, you have most access to the balance complete nearly from all angles around it, better sight form each view and damaging gears in case driver slips.  I strongly recommend practicing removal and re installation of cock&balance assemby on a cheap scrap till you master the task. As for mainspring power, gently encourage the power, push to turn the barrel that is supply additional torque to it and observe.  All the best. joe
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