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The Exact Difference Between A Friction Fit Balance Staff And A Riveted Type

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Interesting short questions you have that don't have short answers. To properly explain how to replace a balance staff requires several paragraphs with pictures and/or drawings. Or perhaps a video like the link below. But even with the video it's not that simple there's lots and lots of variations.




So for friction staff's I've attached some images. Replacing friction staffs are easy for the most part. Sometimes trying to figure out how the waltham staff goes in and out the roller table etc. can be a interesting process. The hairspring especially for beginners is a challenging thing to remove. Just because the staff looks easy to change the entire operation is not necessarily easy a lot of places where things can go wrong. The balance wheel really isn't something you want to mess up. Then notice what Hamilton has written with there's they put a groove in the staff So you can recognize it's a friction staff. Which is interesting because most of the time the hubs are blue but occasionally there are not. So you have to look for other clues.


Then Gruen had an interesting idea. The hairspring is attached to the balance wheel not the staff. Means replacing the staff is easier to do providing you can get a replacement staff.


Then next link it's a sample issue so most of the PDF is missing but they did keep the section on replacing balance staffs. Then there's a whole bunch of steps missing like removing the hairspring safety roller etc.






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