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    • @AndyHull ... On all dials or dial plates I've worked on the registration pin sitted at 3:00 You can check that looking at a dial with a date window Envoyé de mon moto g(7) power en utilisant Tapatalk
    • Epilame is good. How you distribute oil on the escapement is a matter of dispute but get your lube on there and then gove it a day. You'll be surprised. I epilame every freakin escapement that comes through. Don't epilame the fork horns or pivots. Your cleaning procedure is probably lacking. There are pro chemicals out there for a reason. The slightest film of whatever can drag you down. There are threads upon threads here on the subject. But most of all, if you are taking care like you say, is let it run. You'll probably find it picks up 20- 30 degrees of amplitude.
    • Just to  clarify, I wasn't aware that the day function did not work. So when I asked for a new crown and stem that is all what was replaced. I can set the day no problem but it does not advance to the next day 24 hrs later. Only the date works.    As for the crystal, now I could be wrong here but it seems to be a press fit. And that it does not require glueing. I polished the inside so it's like new and then it pressed back into position.  I'll have to see how much it will be for the day function to be fixed. It wasn't a service as such just a replacement stem and crown. 
    • Yep I will go at it again tomorrow. Most of these movements are already running around 250-260 amplitude some greater like this one. So I'm thinking maybe I can't expect them to perform much better due to the quality of them? Should I use the same benchmarks for a chinese clone as a Swiss made movement I.e 270 minimum dial up and down? Something is not right with this one though as I havent applied lubrication and there's an amplitude drop. 
    • Hi everyone, This evening I put a new movement into a vostok watch. I also bought new hands, as the lume was crumbing on  the minute hand. I thought it'd be a simple job (compared to a full movement service), but it turned out to be much more effort than expected. Why? The hands. I had a really hard time getting them on and aligned. I tried so many times that I "wore out" the new hour hand -- it eventually failed to grip the pinion. (I ended up using the old hour hand and new minute and second hands. It's no big deal as the watch is pretty beat up anyway. I wanted to keep it though because it has "character"). I also sadly scratched the dial a little, although you can't really tell. I guess it's all a part of the learning experience. I have some questions for next time: Do you folks sharpen your hand pullers? The ones I have seem too large to get properly under the hands. I wonder if I am supposed to sharpen them. (they are cheap anchor branded ones). Are there any tricks for getting the hands on so the date flips at exactly midnight? I just spun the hands until the date clicked over, then locked the crown in before putting the hands on. Even then I had to try many times, as I was often off by a few minutes. I've just noticed that I have not put the second hand on right If I rotate the watch around it freely spins. Doh. I'll have to research what I did wrong there. Any other tips for a beginner? Thanks!   EDIT: About the second hand. In this video the chap explains that there is a spring that needs to be supported while pushing the second hand on:   Sadly he doesn't show this procedure.
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