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I am desperately in need of some rare carnal knowledge. Would anyone know the size of a NH35/36 balance bridge screw (#7 below) part # 0012 420? This is the same screw as the 3 that hold the barrel and train wheel bridge (#12 below). I need this screw for my personal watch I built, completed, and in my haste, launched into that dark anti magnetic void. I know better than to ask where I could obtain one, but if I knew the size, I may be able to source one. Yes, I know I could remove one of the barrel and train wheel bridge screws and attempt to measure, but I am afraid it would lead to needing two screws! I would greatly appreciate any help here.

Balance Bridge screw.jpg

NH35 balance cock screw.jpg

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On 6/20/2024 at 1:25 PM, outoftime said:

0012 420

there are sites out there like the first link where you can look up parts and get cross-references etc. but who made your watch? Or what if I don't see it listed? Then there's the alternative way to still make use of the site which is to Google your part number. Then you come up with a whole bunch of Seiko documents PDF's that have the part number. Then you can go to the site get the second link all the watches that cross reference. which brings up a peculiar problem on the main webpage may enter in the Seiko part number there's two of them with distinctly different prices it would probably be best before ordering is to inquiring as to why that is just in case for some odd reason the Seiko part number isn't really a Seiko part number on the website.

Then a quick look at eBay reveals that nobody has the part which I find is strange because it seems like bridge screws would be quite common? On the other hand now you know whole bunch of movements say could maybe find one of those broken and then end up with lots of spare parts. Then yes three is a trend of the various watch companies like probably a Swiss screw will not fit a Seiko watch for instance.








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32 minutes ago, AndyGSi said:

not quite sure what you mean about eBay as there are a few sellers around the world that have these listed?

first you never know what special on eBay so it's always wise to do a search for the part number and maybe even apart description the notice somebody might say Seiko Bridge screws for instance who knows maybe someone might even have an assortment?

Then at this link to see all the movements that have the same screw? then you can search for a broken movement and steel parts from that.


then depending upon where you live on the planet there is an actual best fit number for the part and there are material houses in stock best fit parts you might actually be a lot ordered that. Typically they don't list all the parts online see it have to have a material house to deal with. Or if you look at some of the online material houses a look carefully at the fine print they say they don't list everything other than cousins if cousins doesn't have it on the website it doesn't exist at cousins. But everybody else says inquire as they don't list everything may be somebody does have your screw probably be expensive though it might be cheaper just to buy in all the movement.


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