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My Inspiration experience for a new thread. Here is a little job lot of a few nic-naks i made an offer of 18 quid for  a few days ago. A few handy items inc. a Smith screw back remover which was only my reason for buying ( they dont call me " eagle eyes " for nothing.  Also a nice old retracting pencil, a split/ wooden container of cylinder punches , a wooden screw top ( the fine thread is amazing) diamantine pot,a bakelite glass lens loupe and some other useful odds and ends. And hiding at the bottom of the plastic tub was a movement. So while having a break from figuring out my next move regarding the barrel arbor re-pivot, i thought an investigation was in order. This is the surprise bit, down comes Bestfit from the shelf above and gives me a Buren 460. Striped down and potentially only a re-staff is required, checking the balance stock i find a 460 inca, 3 of the dimensions are off by 10,20 and 30 microns and are undersize for what i need 😔, a few  more packets to check may turn up something,  keeping these chubby pinkies crossed while i search. 










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The freebie is up and running, so heres the deal with the staff i used . The balance setting is standard and since i only had a staff for an inca, thats what was getting fitted. From the photos can be seen that there are 3 dimensions that are off, the inca was .03 short for height  .02 low from the wheel seat and .01 short above it plus the roller seat was 0.1 too narrow, confirmed with some measuring.  Problems that might be difficult to get over . But what the hell, i wont know if it works if i don't try it, worse case i have to move a couple of jewels .As it happens the staff was tight, probably some movement modification earlier in its life ? which there was as the plate under the cock had been gouged . I didn't like the idea of adding to the damage so a paper shim gave me the extra height needed.  The roller went on just fine given that it should have been a slack fit. Which is all making me think now that these parts are for an inca version staff, who knows ? But the roller, wheel and hairspring all have correct clearance and all interact exactly as they should. In  DD the roller sits at the right height in the fork slot and the gaurd pin is bang center height of the safety notch. Nice when something unexpectedly works. So for a movement that was just chucked in the bottom of a tub of bits resulted in a well running Buren 461 2 hand, related to the Buren Grand Prix and Buren Dirty Dozen. Just needs a stem, crown and case.








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