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Unknown fossil service

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Bridge and more reinstalled. 



it lives!  But the timegrapher says it is not in very good health.


And here the movement reassembled. 
You can actually see that I still do not have complete control over my microscope camera, but I can project on a monitor and I end up taking pictures and video of the monitor. Somehow the camera doesn’t seem to like the SD card that I bought for it.
Last bit that will be for tomorrow is figuring out how to put it back in the case.

last bit that will be for tomorrow is figuring out how to put it back in the case.

Somehow,  I also think that the title for this topic is completely incorrect. 

It shouldn’t say service it should say disassembly and reassembly.

The reason being that the movement is worse off after than before. However, I am still happy that I managed to completely disassemble it clean it not lose anything reassemble it. 
I was really confused about the lubrication because the Miyota tech sheet recommends something completely different from what I am used to. Places where are I expected oil show grease. And vice versa maybe I am misreading the legend. Anyway, I probably put the wrong lubrication in the wrong place, but I still got to practice grabbing tiny drops of oils and putting them precisely where I wanted  

I’ll call this one a success


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Slow motion video from my phone. Hard to see anything except maybe the amplitude which looks pretty bad to me. 

Also a couple of pictures trying to show the spring without removing the balance from the cock. They are also pretty hard to read sorry about that 



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Just my 2 cents: It might be because of the angle the photograph was taken, but the exit bend and the windings don't seem to be evenly spaced. Was it properly demagnetized? If you mount the balance complete on the plate and (while the watch is not running) you move the regulator arm, does that effect the spacing of the windings? It shouldn't. If it needs adjusting, the best way to see what needs to be done to it, is removing the hairspring and place it on the balance cock. Is it centered, is the exit bend ok, etc.

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Yes it has been demagnetized and I agree that the pictures don’t show much. I’ll eventually detach the hairspring from the regulator to take a look.  But my previous experience doing that with another movement wasn’t. Very successful meaning that I am not quite delicate enough with my tweezers to detach and reattach the hairspring without damaging it. 

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