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Hello to you all!

I'm a jewellery maker and I volunteer for a local charity shop - taking care of all their jewellery donations. They get a lot of watches too, so I started changing quartz watch batteries and once the back was open I just had to go further... I'm gaining a new skill and the charity is gaining more income - win-win!

I'm still an absolute beginner and haven't learnt all the terms yet, but I've already seen that this will be a fantastic place to pick up tips and learn new things. The shop gets everything, from modern ten-a-penny to beautiful high quality vintage/antique watches, so I'll be looking to learn on the expendables before I move onto the good stuff. Looking forward to learning and share as I can.

Thanks, in advance!

Zelda ūü§ó

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4 hours ago, watchweasol said:

Hi welcome to the forum.   Attached are a couple of documents which will add to your knowledge.  If you are into quartz watches there is another document which explains it al.  PM me if you want a copy

TZIllustratedGlossary.pdf 4.2 MB · 0 downloads TM 9-1575.pdf 14.25 MB · 0 downloads

Thank you watchweasol! Anything that can add to my knowledge is fantastic. I do get more quartz watches than anything else so I'll get in touch. 

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