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Chronograph Pusher Rod for EB8371-67 Snapped and Stuck in Button. Can't Unscrew.

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Hi everyone!

Hope you're all keeping well. I'm working on an old Chronosport Chronograph with an Ebauches Bettlach (EB) 8371-67 and broke the lower pusher's rod and leaving the other half still screwed on to the button pusher. 

I was able to unscrew the upper button albeit with a little resistance perhaps glued by the previous watch repairer. However, for this lower one, the rod just wouldn't budge. I've soaked the button in Acetone in the hopes of melting the glue and it still wouldn't move. Blasted it hot with a hairdryer, touched it with a soldering iron and still no go.

As you can see on the photos below, the pusher is flat on one spot due to my holding it with a vise grip, yes, that's right. Vise grip. I was desperate see. Twisting and turning both the rod and button resulted in nothing. I did, however, successfully bent the rod. So, further trying to correct the bend the next day, I ended up snapping the whole thing in two.

So, I'm wondering what my options are and if someone can give guidance:

  • Replace the rod. Where to get the replacement rod then how to remove the broken stump?
  • If removing the stump, how and with what?
  • Replace the whole set of pushers, ie the upper and lower buttons.
  • If replacing, will generic parts do and where to acquire them.

Any advice or solution given is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Chronosport c1970s


Pictures of the same button. Note the stump and flattened button.



This picture is the other pusher. Disassembled with no issues. Note the melted gasket.


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