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Is there a 'high torque' drop-in alternative to the Miyota Super2035?

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Hi all.

Does anyone know of a 'high torque' drop-in replacement for a Miyota Super 2035?  

I am attempting a 'hydro-mod' of a watch which is powered by the Miyota, but to give myself the best chance of success, I'd like to use a stronger movement to counteract the 50cst Silicon oil I will be using.

I have in my box of bits a Ronda 503 which supposedly a high-torque movement, however it is a different size and shape.  Most of the problems I could overcome (dial feet placement, retaining ring, seconds hand, etc), but the Ronda has a different stem depth (terminology?  depth from surface of movement to centre of stem.  1.1mm for the Miyota vs. 1.5mm for the Ronda).  So before I go hacking into the Ronda, I am wondering if there are any known 6 3/4”’ x 8”’ movement I might try?  I have looked but found it hard to ascertain the 'torque' of many movements - it doesn't seem to be a common differentiator.

Many thanks in advance.

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Many thanks for that - very useful.  From what I am reading it seems that the Super2035 is in Miyota's "Power Engine" range - meaning that it is already a high torque movement.  Interesting...

Yes, it's going to be my nod to a Ressence!  I have some vintage military watches in my collection.  One of the things that really appeals to me in the fact that the combination of a (black) dial set high in the case and a domed acrylic crystal gives the effect of the dial almost being painted inside the crystal - and a very good viewing angle.  I have a 1980 CWC G10 'Fatboy' which exhibits that effect, and recently discovered some cheap Chinese copies of the CWC that will make excellent victims for my oil-filled modding experiment 🙂

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Just to round this off... I did the hydro-mod on the cheapo G10 copy.  All went well, the seconds hand is ticking away nicely although how long the battery lasts remains to be seen.  I used a strip of closed-cell neoprene foam which may or may not provide a little compensation for thermal expansion/contraction - we'll see!  Here it is with its venerable grandfather.


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