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Case back opener with watch that doesn't have typical lugs

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I'm unable to use my bench case back opener as the watch doesn't have typical lugs that the plastic parts on the holder fit between. I also tried using the attachment for the opener that allows you to clamp the case between the four plastic posts and tighten, but as the case is round, when I try and unscrew the case back, the watch just rotates in the holder. Same issue when I tried to use my Jaxa with the holder.

I also super glued a large nut to the case back and then the next day I attempted to unscrew it that way, but even after putting the bracelet back on for added leverage it's hard to stop the case from rotating in my hand when trying to remove the case back. I ended up snapping the nut off.

Any suggestions on how to handle these round "lugless" types of watches?


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Cut some metal or hard plastic to fit inside the gaps where the strap goes.  Pack something underneath the crystal and clamp in a case holder.  

PS, the metal/plastic could be glued and the use a solvent to remove it.

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