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Watch Software - help needed for son's computer science project

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Hi there, my son is doing his International international Baccalaureate in computer science (equivalent to UK A levels) and needs a project to do, he would like to create some watchmaking related software rather than a clone of mine-craft which seems to be what the rest of the people on the course are doing. The duration of the project is about one year, so will be a fairly substantial project. I'm racking my brain to come up with something, so wondered if anyone out there had any ideas?

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How about an inventory control management system. It will help us keep track of our inventory and stock levels. And more importantly,  the location of any item. It would save us hours of searching for items we know we have. 🤣

This software should be able to be ported over to any business setting and upscalelable to manage large material handling and warehousing applications.

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A database combining Ranfft, Mikrolist etc. With a function where let's say I  bought a  brand x watch, after searching I can't find which movement is inside, I  can input the data.  It could also list compatible spare parts and other brands with the same movement. 

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56 minutes ago, praezis said:

It does exist, too 😀


 Hi Frank, had a feeling you will inform us of its existance and likely to have one in your workshop.

Will you show how you work with it ? 



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I see all the suggestions above as what we would like, not what would be innovative and impressive for the young man to achieve in the current IT world. 

my suggestion would be to look at a machine learning application to diagnose mechanical Watch issues from an input form. 

something a bit different and also challenging whilst being very relevant in today’s IT world.



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12 hours ago, watchweasol said:

Hi @Kalanag  can you direct us to the clock platform you say already exists. ASI do mainly clocks you have touched my interest.

It’s more a timer than a timegrapher most likely


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OK. So, high school AP level. Not exactly straight up CS, but something with substance.

A raspberry pi timegrapher... wait for it!... that provides diagnoses. A Raspberry Pi should have all the computing power necessary, I'd imagine. The usual piezo transducer pickup. The usual timegrapher interface, like you do. But, and here's the kicker that puts it into money territory, diagnostics. You can show timegrapher outputs to the old timers here, and they can tell you "pallet depth is off", "bent wheel", whatever. This stuff is all in multiple textbooks somewhere, I'm sure. The other half of the money territory is the cost factor. By building it on a Pi, you can chase the low cost angle. Build a kit with the transducer, an adapter board, a touch screen, a case, and the memory card, you should be able to get the cost of this thing in the neighborhood of the Weishi jobs, but WAY better. People will fall all over themselves to buy these. 

So the easy part to get into the project and wrap his mind around it is obviously the basic timegrapher piece. The novel/challenging part is to give the machine the intelligence to interpret the output. The fun part is printing money.

And I'd bet there's bonus points if he finishes early enough to sell a few on here, and can go to his teacher and say something like, "and I've sold X units so far across Y countries."

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