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hi all

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hi watchweasol,

 I probably called it by the wrong name, I called it jumpstart but I think its just shorting I have posted my query in the safezone forum I am hoping its a simple fix, otherwise its sending to seiko to fix.

thanks from England



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  Hi.   A watch of this type normally autostarts once the battery is fitted  v7890. It’s from the Seiko/epson, hattoti stable usually replaceable as a movement for £. 10.   to.   15.  I will see what info I can di* up for you.

Hi. Nothing specific on this movement , service data indicates movement change should movement become faulty.   Unable to dig up a service sheet on this movement. Likely places to look for a replacement are  Cousins uk, H.S. Walsh, Gleave and co , A.G. Thomas Bradford.   Esslingers, Jules Borel , Otto Frei , time savers in the US…. There is one thing you can do  and that is buy a demagnetiser or one of these quartz watch test units. £30. And use the line release feature. This moves the hands round quickly in an effort to free off gummed bearings or remove any blockage in the gear train.  Hope you find this useful.

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