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Benrus Watch Movement



Hello All,


I am new to this forum and relatively new to repairing watches (so please don't bite!).


I have repaired a couple of cheap watches before and both have worked out fine so decided to try my hand on Benrus I have had for a couple of year and am quite fond of.


All was going well and then I had a pet related incident whilst opening up the mainspring barrel. By the time I had found the barrel (cap, arbour and mainspring conveniently ended up in my lap) it had been damaged and some of the teeth destroyed.


I have tried to identify the movement in order to figure out what part to try and find (picture attached, apologies for the poor quality) but really struggling as it doesn't look like any other Benrus movement I have seen anywhere online.


The watch has 1974 on the back (looks like a "length of service" gift awarded to someone by the inscription).


I bought it from ebay and the seller doesn't know anything more about it. If more picture of any more of the parts would be useful please let me know.


I'm just hoping that someone will be able to help.


Thank you in advance.




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I don't now if its a fake . I just recognize the diashock and the balance bridge . They are similar looking but the 5740C is not the right movement .looking more like the Seiko 66A


Defenetly a seiko movement but which?

What is the size of it ?

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Welcome to the forum G, it's good to have another active member aboard. Unfortunately I can't help you, but hopefully someone will come forth with some suggestions.

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Thanks Geo.


rogart63 I see what you are thinking, looking at the Seiko 5740c there are some similarities there. Are we guessing this is a fake Benrus then?


Regardless i'll still like to repair the thing. Interesting though.

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I posted some pics of an original Seiko 66 and a UTC on a Seiko specific FB group. Only difference is that Seiko stuck with their full plate style where the UT movt had a more traditional separate barrel bridge / train bridge set-up and additional jewels.





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Benrus was an assembler.  Not a manufacturer. Movements  were sold and rebadged under  several  names. Among them UT and master time. They  can be found in several  second tier watches  such as benrus, eltra, Clinton  and westclox.

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      Of course, the stem (presumably two-piece) would have to be separated prior to - or during the operation.
      BUT - after some googling - I have also heard tell - that the case-back should be pushed out by pressing on the crystal with thumbs. These seem to be incompatible methods - but I really have no idea - as I have never seen a case like this. 
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    • They may be old , cheap, and simple in design but they were fitted to many watches. They were workhorses of their day. Repaired quite few of these and still have a few workers.  A bit like the old Timex people did not repair them but replaced them, but in my opinion still worth doing if you can get the parts.
    • Nice one clean and classic lines of a bygone era.   simple.
    • Hi   Other than getting an anti fog agent from the opticians the only other way is to drill a series of holes around the circumference large enough to allow air flow to dissipate the condensation for that is what it is, This may not be a total cure but it improves it quite a bit.
    • Hello and welcome to the forum.   You are indeed in a bit of a mess. If you are able to access Ebay then I would suggest that's where to start looking for a donor movement  so as to be able to salvage the bits that are broken or missing.  There are alternative sites to find parts, Second user parts, obsoletewatchandclockparts.com in the Uk for second user parts or, . Cousins.uk, A.G.Thomas, watch part  suppilers again in the UK.  The likes of Cousins also supply tools oils etc for the trade. Cleaning can be done by hand, using Benzine, Naptha, or readily available Rononol lighter fuel or if you can get it Isopropyl Alcohol. American based suppliers are Otto Frei,  Esslingers,  Jules Borel, Timesavers  A quick trawl of the net for watch material supply houses will bring results. Good Luck         cheers
    • Per Rodobod's suggestion, here is the performance in those positions plus pendant up. I included a dial up for reference and adjusted the rate only in that position at nearly full wind. Given the variation in rates, could it be a balance issue? Maybe something wrong with the pallet pivot jewel?  
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