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I have an issue with this as well. The bi-directional friction bezel on my 1970 Accutron Deep Sea 666 was turning a bit firmly. I needed to clean the case anyway so removed the bezel. The spring was left surrounding the upper portion of the case, but I don't see how it does much good there. There's a groove around the inside of the bezel that seems designed to hold the spring, but the spring is too small in diameter to fit into it. When I try bending the spring into a larger diameter it just springs back to its original size. It seems too thin, and so possibly fragile, for me to bend it excessively. Does anyone know how this is supposed to go?

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It wasn't rotating that badly, so cleaning it up may be all it needs. I've done that and put the spring back on as it was after I removed he bezel. I'm told elsewhere that this is how the spring is supposed to be installed, though it doesn't seem like it'd be very effective. Supposedly the bezel just needs to be installed over it while trying to compress the spring. I'm away but will do this when I can and report back.001.thumb.jpg.48fc8d86ab99fc9dba6df22fee114a2a.jpg

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