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I'm new to watchmaking, but loving it.  My hobbies have slowly migrated from wood (chisel, saw, and plane level joinery) to metals (lathe, mill, but mostly reworking, scraping, improving the former).  So now I'm down sizing to the tiny stuff!  I've built some fine scientific gear - laser interferometer stage, ~10 microgram balance, polarimeter, telescope.  Lots of closed loop control systems.  Not sure why watch movements have eluded my gaze until now.

I've worked for Fossil and now for Google as an engineer on smartwatches.  Frankly I really dislike the idea of "connected" on my wrist.  I turn my phone face down often...

I've put together a frankenlathe and have been acquiring tools - poiser, depther, Jacot, timegrapher, lots of hand tools.  I've also bought a few Elgin/Waltham pocket watches and a couple non-working automatics (junk really).  Also an ST36 movement clone (Easwel 6497).  Planning on a ST1902 buy soon - smaller, chrono.

The first I disassembled was an Akribos skeleton that had taken a fall.  A capital had come loose and I could see it had made its way into the escape wheel - skeletons have a moribund side...  I relieved the mainspring, removed the automatics.  When I lifted the barrel bridge, the spring ejected itself.  Apparently the barrel cover had also been jarred out.  As it turns out an escape wheel pivot was sheared as well, which 'splains why the balance wasn't moving it along.  So some of the hardest parts are what's in need of repair.  The watch is worthless even in great condition and parts are not something I would buy for it anyway even if I could.  But as a cannonball into the deep end I get to mangle it more as I learn.

One of the pocket watches had been repaired.  A jewel (third wheel?  escape wheel? which one escapes me..). had been replaced with a simple brass bearing.  The hack had filed it down flush so the beautiful cote de geneve was worn down to the brass.  Planning on seating a new jewel in an oversized <what's the word for that ring> and pressing that into the bridge.  Maybe I can nickel plate the hack so it doesn't suck so much...

I'm thinking of slowly making replacement parts for all of a movement until none of it is original.  I figure that would be a good way to learn my way around these awesome tools.  Maybe even pierce a jewel from scratch ala Daniels.  Insipring book that.


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10 hours ago, oldhippy said:

You will need a lot of specialised machinery to make many of the parts for watches. Very expensive stuff

Right?  I'm prolly $2500 in already and I know that's nothing.

Bought a poising tool cheap.  Took a while to tune it parallel, the design for fine adjustment is not great.  Bought a staking set cheap.  Almost all the stakes are clean, just a few with too much corrosion.  Looking forward to polishing them all up, getting the faces truly flat or domed as needed.

Still need a jeweling rig.  I understand Seitz has a lot more functionality than a Horia clone, cheap as those are.  A gauge like the Feintaster would be nice, but then maybe I could make something using the Mohr Supremax I already own.

I am handy with machining precision parts, so I fantasize about creating much on my own.  So for example I've laid out a plan to make a set of jewel hole gauges by turning a set of them.  Thought that would be good hands-on experience for making pivots.  Also to make a pivot gauge plate (expensive on ebay) from a jewel assortment (cheap on ebay) in which I learn about setting jewels.  Even thought that making a stack of those to sell might help alleviate the $$ for what I won't build.

About the most adventurous I'm considering at the moment is to add a spindle to the milling attachment I have. I bought an ER16 on a 1/2" shank ($24, and I measure *no* runout with a tenths indicator on a surface plate!  Try toolots dot com for crazy low prices on excellent parts) I'm planning to machine a bearing housing for that.  I already have a set of ER16 collets.  But then of course it's a short mental step to cutting teeth.  But topping them?  I like the idea of those cylindrical tools over the common spiral cutters.

One thing that really draws me to watchmaking is the precision.  It's *very* expensive to work in tolerances of some tenths on a 10x28 lathe.  But a loupe and graver can handily get there.  Hobby grade machining turns a surface finish of a couple thou then relies on files and sandpaper to get it clean, but good luck landing on 0.0005".  My Jacot is missing some parts unfortunately.  Another thing to fashion...

On the actual watchmaking side, I've been studious with several YT producers, including Mark.  My favorite is Kalle Slaap at Chronoglide - such love for the craft!  At some point i'll drop $ for an actual course.  I like being able to support the hard work they've all put in!  Then Daniels' book puts the lust in me to make all the parts...

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    • I've had a quick bite to eat and would like to crack on with this if thats ok, i know its not watchstuff but its important, if even just one of you can avoid this happening to either yourself or a family member then it's 100 % worth my time and getting it out of my system really helps me as well and hopefully spurs some of you to make sure you and your family are ok. And please anyone that can add some input from knowledge or experience then just jump on. The stroke mum had is known as an Ischemic stroke of which there are more than one kind , mum's was an embolic stroke , these are caused by blood clots  ( wandering clots or embolisms ) another type is a thrombotic clot that can block main arteries that may supply blood flow to the brain . From what i gather thrombotic clots are stationary,  these are the type that cause pain and restrict blood flow in the particular area where they form ie. leg , chest. Mum's embolism travelled to her brain , so she had no experience of pain and no warning until it was too late. Many things play a part of clot formation, we can't change our genetics but we can edge our bets by leading a healthy lifestyle. My mum is 87  5' 1"  and weighs around 55 kg, has always been extremely fit, goes out nearly every day into her village or the next town sometimes a town 40 miles away on the bus if she's buying presents. She eats healthy as far as mainstream guidance tells folk, fish chicken no red meat, fruit veg nuts etc, all the usual stuff thats considered healthy and no real crap like pastries sweets . Has never smoked and has never really drunk alcohol, but she is a stress head and worries about everybody and things she really does not need to. This is me to a tee, i worry about everyone and rarely myself.  Being in hospital we've discovered she has an irregular heartbeat ( caused by the stroke ? the doctors seem to think not ) . Atrial Fibrillation, doctors have attributed the stroke cause to her irregular heartbeat, apparently clots can form in the upper chambers of the heart were irregularity occurs, brake up and become mobile to cause damage. Those are just one type of stroke, hemorrhagic stroke (less common than an ischemic stroke )  caused by a bleed in the brain generally thought of as more serious as not only is the brain being starved the bleed itself can exert pressure on the brain. Its important to know the difference which cannot be ascertained until a scan is carried out, and the treatment is different. Common thinking was to give someone experiencing a heartattack an aspirin to improve blood flow, this can actually worsen the effects of a bleed on the brain. There are lots of causes for a stroke, genetics for sure like i said, but getting the most from your genetics and nursing the weak areas by living healthily will not only extend our time but give us more quality time that we have left ( change just one thing if thats all you can manage for now ). Regular visits to see the quack will pick up warning signs early , just one visit for an mot might save not only your life but wont destroy the lives of your loved ones. Anyone here in their 50s not had an mot medical check up yet ?   Er cough er 🤔 maybe its time to make sure everything is working as it should, and not just your heart ( dont clench when the doc stretches on those latex gloves, and definitely dont have a smile on your face when you stand up straight again 🙂 ) . A stroke can strike anyone of any age and of any lifestyle if there is something underlying going unnoticed, make that call and find out how you really are with your health. Love you people x
    • I was going to say, but texting can be difficult due to a lack of nuance, that maybe staying on here could be a good thing.  You do need a  distraction, yes mum comes first but you need some time for yourself.  I hope this has come across as intended. 
    • Hello forum, i have some things i would like to say today if thats ok. Being here is something of a sanctuary for me, talking about something that i love doing with folk that i have become fond of ( yes quite surprisingly under all that craziness and verbal brawn lays a soft heart of gold 🙂 ). I imagine that the same can be said by many of you , a certain number of us are here daily both learning and offering any advice that we are able to. Quoting our experiences both successful and failures for others to learn from. For me at the moment just making this post is a distraction from my current bubble but also from the world around me for various reasons.  Its a place not just for teaching and learning but to make others laugh and smile and be part of a community. I would even go so far as to say we are a team, supporting and encouraging each other when needed and when we are down, my own situation with my mum being a perfect example of everyone's kindness. Thats the soppy bit out of the way 🙂. So my mum has been moved to a brand new facility after making amazing progress with her speech and word recognition in hospital ( poor mum has had to suffer my company and my teaching to the full extent of her visiting hours barring one day off for me that my sister insisted upon ) her consultant calls my mum his medical miracle 🙂, and will be starting her intensive speech rehab today after her initial assessment. Things I've learned about having a stroke, and I'd really like everyone to take note of the causes and outcomes of having one. Please do your own research I am a joiner and not a doctor 🙂, i just want to make everyone aware and just get checked out if you notice anything in yourself that you are unsure about, any risk of having one can be reduced with either medical intervention or/and a change of lifestyle ( which would be my own preference in an attempt to limit my risk, something i have now noticed in myself ). I do know a few of you here have experience but this is what i have become aware of and how it has affected my mum and me. First i want to touch on the effects of a stroke, not only to the sufferer but to the whole family, we all know how dementia affects lives. A stroke effecting language is almost instant non aggressive dementia. Like being in a foreign country where you can no longer read, write or speak to someone without some form of very basic sign language gesturing ( when annoyed i think everyone understands the middle finger ). But a stroke can affect movement ( fortunately my mum is virtually unaffected with her mobility, the nurses can't believe she is 87 and just had a stroke, she's like bloody Supergran, in fact she is a great great grandmother to 2 toddlers ) . Improvement after a stroke carries on for years afterwards, but from what i understand and now believe after being with my mum almost every day since it happened for 7 hours a day, language rehab should be started as soon as possible when the patient is out of danger and physically able. The brain is ready and set to go and rewire itself soon after injury, in a similar ready state to young children ( when we say kids brains absorb information like a sponge, thats pretty much true in early stroke patients) After the first few weeks maybe a couple of months things start to slow down and lesser progression carries on for the years following . After a day she could manage only one word, which was my cue to get on her back and start pushing her progress. Day two i wanted to see how capable she was so i had her writing on a whiteboard ( it wasn't great tbh ) . Day 3 and until she left the hospital most time with her was spent on picture/word recognition on my laptop, picture books, some writing and teaching her to play cards again ( i refrained from gambling for real money, though i was tempted, as I'm  pretty good at poker , she has a few bob and i have space for another watchmakers lathe in my watchroom 🙂 ) Now i suppose i have to back off as the rehab place is fairly intense focused and visiting times are crap as they interfere with all the physio and rehab going on . So i only have 2 hours max a day with her sometimes only 1 if her grandkids want to visit, but she is in good hands and i know she will get as much help as she needs , and as difficult as it is to admit i probably need a bit of a break and distract myself. I'll end this post for now but i want to come back and talk about what caused this and hopefully remind some of you to think about how we live , what to do in the event of a stroke and how we can lower our risk. I'm not a pussy by any means and very little frightens me, but seeing this first hand has put the fear of god into me if i ever had to suffer the outcome of a stroke. My mum is a tough old cookie and i imagine i will be just as tough, but watching the frustration on her face when trying to communicate completely tore my heart into pieces.  Please dont let this happen to you, do everything you can to avoid it, I'll come back soon to talk more about as long as everyone is ok with it, take care for now x
    • The fact that you have witnessed coils of the hairspring clinging or sticking together explains why the watch is running so fast.  If you reduce the length of a hairspring, the watch will run faster. When hairspring coils stick or cling together, this effectively reduces the active length of the hairspring, so the watch runs fast.  As nevenbekriev has said, the most likely culprit here is oil or other contamination on the hairspring causing coils to stick together. Cleaning the hairspring as he describes will solve the problem. Occasionally the contamination causing the hairspring coils to stick can be very stubborn to remove, in which case I suggest ultrasonic cleaning in acetone, naphtha or a commercial watch cleaning solution. Magnetism can also cause coils of the hairspring to stick together, if the hairspring is made of an alloy that can be magnetised. Finally, your watch has what is called a pin pallet escapement. They are considered to be less refined, but quite rugged compared to a traditional Swiss lever escapement. They are quite forgiving. They do require lubrication, if you haven’t done so already, find instructions for lubrication of these escapements to get optimal performance from this watch. Hope this helps, Mark
    • Murks, In theory, yes. For example I have a Seiko dress watch (dress style case) with a 6309 movement in it which I would not take diving, similarly, I have a Seiko divers watch with the same movement in it (6309) which is a diving watch. The only difference is the case (and crown sealing system), the diving watch case is made for diving due to it's more robust seal system on the case and its a more rugged design. Seiko 6309 divers watch: Seiko 6309 dress watch:
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