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Omega movement

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4 minutes ago, RichardHarris123 said:

What's under the big bridge with the Omega symbol?  

Don't think I've ever seen such a large omega symbol but that would be to tell you it's an Omega watch.

Then this reminds me of a watch in the discussion somewhere else in the universe except it seems to missing the automatic perhaps? As I thought it was this watch


It doesn't match the early version but I'm giving you this because where have we seen that big omega symbol before


Probably this which is really similar to attend 20 anyway


Not a very good pictures in the service bulletin of the weird arrangement for the gears has to do with the automatic winding which seems to be missing from your watch on eBay. That's obviously why there's a recess in the middle of it that's were some of the automatic would've gone. At least that's my guess. As it wouldn't be any need to the peculiar wheel arrangement for a non-automatic watch.







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16 minutes ago, RichardHarris123 said:

What's under the large bridge with the logo? 

Nothing 🙂 You can see above where the barrel sits that it's just an empty space. On the auto movement it's where the automatic works sits. One screw holds holds it in place.


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45 minutes ago, SpringMangler said:

ooks like a 1030. I serviced one in an Omega Geneve and it had the large logo. It's the bit that covers up where the auto works goes.

Looks like I need to improve my reading skills normally I think of a base caliber is a manual wind and in the automatic comes but it looks like Omega did the opposite the manual wind is at the bottom of the list and it does match the 1030


So basically what they did is take the automatic movement remove the automatic and put a plate the cover up where the automatic watch it. Which still seems a little strange but it's what they did

Oh and we do get an answer for something parts list attached where have I seen apart with a big omega symbol like that before?



Omega 1030 424_1030_1_2250.pdf

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I've just finished an Omega last night for my son to gift to his girlfriend for Christmas - long story, anyway he owes me big now! Just a reminder that the Omega screws as well as being small also have tight (slim) screw slots, so you will need to keep your screwdrivers extra sharp and dressed or you will spin out and damage the copper finish. The copper finish will scratch even if you look at it the wrong way. I used all brass tweezers last night instead of my usual titanium ones.


I'm calling it a 'copper finish' for expediency, although I'm not sure exactly what it is, maybe butterfly wings judging on how fragile it is 🤣

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8 hours ago, SpringMangler said:

The other pain is that the auto movement supports the seconds pinion but the manual movement has no support and you have to use a staking tool or similar support when putting on the seconds hand.

It's a design of compromise, not efficiency.

I'm afraid it's wishful thinking if the automatic was supporting for putting the second hand on. This movement has a lot of very peculiar things which may or may not be specified in the vintage technical service guide. So Omega had a supplemental guide of general instructions specific for this grouping of calibers. For instance special tools special tool just to put the mainspring in and special movement holder for putting the second hand on all of the family of calibers because when you put a the second hand on you probably don't actually have the automatic on and it doesn't really support anyway



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    • I would like to see the movement. The watch is the movement. Anyone can print a name on a dial and sell it as "the maker".
    • Thanks for your answers! There seems to be a contradiction between these two answers, so perhaps I need to clarify. The flat and convex jewels look identical on the side facing away from the pivot shoulder. That is, there is an oil reservoir. I don't know if that changes anything but I thought it was safest to clarify since I didn't include a picture of the jewels from the opposite side.
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