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Valjoux 7736 mainspring barrel

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Can anyone confirm if I could use a valjoux 7733/34 mainspring barrel in a valjoux 7736? The jules borel site says they are not interchangeable but sellers on ebay say that they are. 


I got the 7736 in a job lot of movements for £10 but it is missing 4 parts and most of the screws, so just trying to collect the parts.

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The 7736 has 12h recorder, which works with a pinion that rides on the barrel arbor (extended barrel arbor) and lifts up and down; up is disengaged, down is engaged, with splines machined into the face of the bottom of the barrel. So no, not interchangeable.


You can make out the difference in this tech sheet; it also specifies that it is a different barrel.

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