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Was hoping someone here might have worked on a FHF ST 96 movement and could help with a problem if it is a problem that is. What's going on is I can't turn the mainspring after it and the rest of the train of wheels are installed. Starting with putting that center wheel and it's bridge on that turns feely, then I put the mainspring barrel and it's bridge on and all  seems good. Now after I put the rest of the train wheels in and it's bridge is where I can't no long turn the mainspring barrel. All part are what came in the watch and it was running not very good but.  All pivots are align and I can't see why this is happing. I guess maybe I should have check stuff this when tearing one down.

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I did a FHF 96-4 a few months ago (with date complication). I think there is one cap jewel that is a screw down type. Leaving that out would make the escape drop down and not engage properly with the rest of the train. Just something to check. I made that mistake a while ago with a different movement. 

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