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Chronoswiss Kairos: How to get the movement through the front?

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I got a Chronoswiss Kairos on my bench for service (ETA2892). The movement must definitely come out through the front.

What I am not sure about is whether this fragile looking bezel (gold) can be removed or it‘s just the crystal that has to come off.

It looks as if the beveled spacer between dial and crystal comes free as soon as the crystal is removed. I‘m not sure though.

Good ideas are highly appreciated.




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Assuming it isn't a one piece case try taking the back off so that you can remove the crown and stem, the replace the back and force air into the pendant tube with a syringe or a case pump to pop the crystal off.

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The bezel of the Kairos looks different from the Opus in the above video.

I tried turning it with a Bergeon sticky ball. Due to the big surface and the slghtly protruding bezel I could apply a significant amount of torque with this „tool“. But nothing moved.

I found this knife offered on ebay. Might this be a hint? 😉


After carefully inspecting the crystal rim I found that the crystal is glued in. There is no plastic gasket as assumed before.

So removing the crystal seems not to be an option and the bezel is either pressed or screwed on.

I don‘t want to risk any damage on the golden bezel of this valuable watch. So I still hope to find a person who is familiar with Chronoswiss.

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A 3D-printed insert for a 36mm socket did the trick in combination with a super thin, double sided sticky tape. The tool is beveled to make sure that it grabs the bezel and not the protruding crystal.

The bezel was really tight!



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