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Junghans B32 Wurttemberg Clock Escapement Issues


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Hello Everyone!


I am a relatively experienced self taught, hobbyist watchmaker and I have serviced a couple hundred watches. The other week, a friend reached out to me and asked if I could have a look at his old Junghans B32 clock movement. I have never touched a clock but I said I would try. 

Fast forward a bit, I have disassembled, washed, assembled and oiled everything as I would a regular watch movement. I know the practises are not always identical for clocks but I did what I could do with my watch stuff. Everything looks to be in good condition to my eye but I don't know much about clocks specifically. 

When I run the watch without the escape lever, the gears turn freely. Both the chime and time mechanism work very nicely as they should. But when I put on the escape lever, it only swings in a very very small angle with and without the swinging weight on. I need to give it a kick to start and then it stops after 20 seconds. I have tried to adjust the plate that holds the whole escapement assembly to the main movement and realized that it only ticks when I move it aaalll the way up like it is in the photos. 

Photos marked 1 and 2 show the maximum angle to which the pendulum will swing with the weight attached. Notice how the circled plate in image 2 is adjusted all the way up like mentioned. If I move it down, the escape wheel can't turn between pendulum swings.

Is there anyone who can give me some tips on how I might solve this issue or if any damage is apparent, tell me. Please ask some questions if clarification is needed(:

Huge Thanks!!










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Hi.  From your description it’s the set up of the escapement that is out of beat.  Take all power off the clock and make sure the movement is level. Observe the pallet in its rest position and the positioning of it on the escape wheel with the leader and pendulum hanging straight down with no power, is the pallet even within the teeth if not avhieve that by adjusting the the leader this is a friction fit , by moving the leader far left / right you are able to move the pallet In relation to the leader. Once having achieved the balance next set the depth of the pallets locking on both faces by moving the bridge / cock. When done apply two or three turns of the key and start the clock.

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