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With a few exceptions, most watches use movements inside which are made by someone else, for example I am currently working on an older Accurist watch, which has a movement inside made by ETA. You should take the back off the watch and look for a makers stamp on the movement, this is quite often located under the balance wheel (see example below), usually a little shield with some letters inside to identify the manufacturer and then some numbers/letters under this for the model number (Cal.). You may have better luck looking up the movement than the watch manufacturer.

Post some pictures and I'm sure someone here can identify it if you are having problems 🙂


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    • Well I put the spa on Gumtree (selling service) to try and sell it as it only needs a recirc pump to get it going. However, it weighs circa 250kg, so there's 4 fairly strong guys, and I would have to remove the sliding door in the room completely to be able to get it out, as well as clearing out a multitude of potted plants and the Alfresco outdoor setting to be able to get it out. Then move nearly everything in the back of the garage to be able to push it through to the front of the house. I would also need to hire furniture skates to be able to shift it around as carrying it is out of the question. Then someone would need a trailer to get it to their place as you won't get it on the back of a ute. So, the only answer is, out with the reciprocating saw and cut it all up into manageable pieces. Crying shame as it is in really good nick. I was only asking $1,500 and only got two bites, but it would only take something to go wrong with removing the sliding door etc that everything I make on the sale could go out the door on repairs etc. It would have been nice to be able to turn it into tools etc, but que sera sera. I don't know about the rest of the world, but there just seems to be very little interest from people wanting to buy things secondhand.  
    • I would like to see the movement. The watch is the movement. Anyone can print a name on a dial and sell it as "the maker".
    • Thanks for your answers! There seems to be a contradiction between these two answers, so perhaps I need to clarify. The flat and convex jewels look identical on the side facing away from the pivot shoulder. That is, there is an oil reservoir. I don't know if that changes anything but I thought it was safest to clarify since I didn't include a picture of the jewels from the opposite side.
    • unfortunately paying attention to details bumps up the cost. Which is why they shortchange on manufacturing steps if they can.
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. We all look forward to your contributions and continued involvement.  When it comes to tools buy the best you can afford a good set of watch makers screwdrivers if you look after them will last you a life time. I recommend Dumont tweezers Number 3 and number 5 for fine work, you can build up from there. You will need different strength eye glasses. Some now like to work using a microscope. Pliers the box jointed ones are best they don't go out of line.     
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