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Three ladies Tissot watches

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Hi everyone.

I have come across these as I was looking in eBay.


Believe it or not, Liz bought me the mens version of the Quartz that is the first in this trio of watches.

I am really tempted to bid on these, but I have no idea of their worth. Truly. No idea at all. Looking at the websites here in Geelong that sell Tissot, the cheapest quarts ladies watch is >$500AUD

According to the ad, the quartz does not seem to work and the automatics, from the description, I would suggest just need servicing and a bit of a birthday.

I know at this point that me servicing these would just be a slow motion, or possibly a fast motion train wreck. As far as the quartz goes, can anything be done to the movement or is the easiest path to simply replace the movement? My next question becomes the obvious one. Can parts for watches owned by the Swatch company even be purchased now? Especially by the layman?

And I'm not sure about the 4.04GBP club, I think these could quite easily end up in the 404GBP club.

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Hi. The tissot generally used eta movements in both quartz and mechanical ,  as regareds parts it’s a bit of a lottery dependent on the age of the watches . Pre Swatch there may be some NOS parts to be had, post Swatch unknown quantity, perhaps donor movements. 

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