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Balance Jewel Questions

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13 hours ago, Nucejoe said:

I see I was neither clear to understand nor correctly explained everything in detail as you would John.

I am terribly sorry.

Were all learning here and we all make mistakes I'm not sure if this is a mistake or not There's no need for an apology


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Just wanted to post to thank everyone for their help.

I got there in the end. Key thing was finding the correct end stones, I think. I found someone selling end stones on eBay just labelled as "2836 end stones" and they were the right size. 

I noticed after getting the correct end stones that one of the chatons was damaged, so in the end I replaced the whole balance wheel/cock and used my one good chaton on the other side.

Amplitude is now somewhere between 270 and 360 (not sure exactly), so I'm carrying on.

Automatic /self-winding is done and working.

Just finishing the face side of the watch. Keyless works is done. So hopefully no more major problems and just a few hours to go!

Thanks again,


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