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Hello fine people of the Internet! I'm new to this fascinating passtime of watch touching, and can hardly wait to learn more. I'm nrm, you may also see me in youtube comment sections as needless mustard. I'm just this guy, y'know? 

I'm what's called in some circles a geriatric millennial, or an aging punk. And like most middle-aged folks with not enough responsibilities, I have too many hobbies!

I'm obviously new to and enthusiastic about watch repair, though I'm not a "Watch Guy" -- I've no (current) interest in Acquiring "Desirable" watches like the Rolex and the Tag Heuers and all that fancy stuff that costs several months of rent an you have to be on a waiting list for 6 years for.

I'm also a Modular Synthesis nerd. I mostly enjoy building and repairing these instruments, but I can also be found playing them from time to time.

Speaking of nerds, I'm also all about the TTRPG scene, Dungeons & Dragons amongst other games -- I've been playing with a couple different groups for nigh on ten years at this point. I'm a passable player, and a decent game master. 

I thought I was going to get into mixology and bartending, but it turned out that I just wanted a good daiquiri.

Some other things that people may be interested to know, I'm currently in the Middle of Canada -- I think there's one legit watch repair school left in my country, and it's about 2400KM away; so the Internet is my friend (probably going to dive in to Mr. Lovick's online courses when there's a few spare dollars and I'm ready to stop saying that it's a "new" hobby).

My pronouns are currently He, Him, & His. I have a cat named Luce (as in hell broke loose). Finally, my day job is a professional computer toucher.

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I can recommend Marks course. Gave me the basics of the engrossing hobby. Alex Hamilton 'watch repair tutorials'  also has a distance course. Chronoglide has a self teach course without guidance.

Mark's course was really informative and gave progression tutorials that made it easy to understand and move to the next level. I purchased levels 1, 2 and 3. I have completed levels 1 and 2. Levels 1 and 2 give basic foundation and advocate practice, practice and more practice. You have no idea how correct he is.  I am still using level 3 as my go to when I come across a Youtube video that causes me problems.

I have not purchased Alex's course as it only started a month ago.  His YouTube videos start as basics and them move to Marks level 3 for information. They are very good. His distance course appears also exceptional. 

The members here are the additional additive to me keeping a level head and not progressing beyond my skill level. Good advisers with excellent knowledge.

Hope this information helps.



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