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Bulova Accutron 2181 Repair

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26 minutes ago, bobtheterrible said:

That is a very interesting idea - do you remember what sort of frame rates the camera was using to achieve antialiasing?

Unfortunately I don't. He was using a Chinese industrial digital microscope. The software was entirely in Chinese. And my Chinese has regressed to nursery school level.¬†ūü§£

30 minutes ago, bobtheterrible said:

My question from this is; what do you do if the index finger travel is out of specification? Is there anything to do or are you looking at replacing the fork?

I'm am working on that and keeping the technique I've developed to myself for the moment.

And as @nickelsilver mentioned in another post, the 218/219 is much easier to phase to a silver oxide battery than the 214. But unfortunately, the Accutron collector community has a preference for the 214, as evident in the prices on eBay.

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