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Seiko Replacement rotating bezel.. silver insert ring?

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I've bought a replacement bezel and I'm not sure how I should go about attaching the insert. So, I have three parts:

  1. The knurled rotating bezel.
  2. An internal flat ring.
  3. The bezel insert.

Do I A) glue the flat ring into the bezel, and then adhere the insert to the ring, Or B) adhere the insert directly onto the bezel and throw the flat ring in the bin?

My concern with option B is there there is not a lot of surface for the adhesive pad to stick directly to the bezel, and it would leave a lot of adhesive pad surface to collect gunk. Unless I remove the bezel again and trim it off from underneath, I suppose.

If I go with option A I would have to glue the flat ring in with GS Hypo which is fine I guess, so long as I get it flat and it doesn't overflow everywhere.

Other options? Thoughts? Suggestions?



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