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This watch was worn on the wrist long after the retainer ring broke. I'd like to keep the ring for authenticity but where the ring is broken there is very little material to work with. The material is so thin but I did sand it carefully without deforming. I'm thinking of a careful application of the soldering iron since there's no surface for a copper bond or epoxy but I'm not certain solder will take either. As one French YouTuber would say, it is sooo small!  

What to do you think? I suppose trying to weld it is a possibility but that means new tools...but I'm trying to stay married 😘...


It is sooo small...



It's been rubbing in the case and there's damage on the dial, too...

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1 hour ago, watchweasol said:

I think the best option is a soldered bridge piece across the break then cleaned up. A thin brass piece held in place with cross over tweezers a dab of flux and thin electronic solder wire.  A little heat. Job done.

Given how thin the material is I wasn’t confident the added weight of a bridge piece would be an improvement vs creating more surface area for flux and solder. I’ll give it a go- Thank you…

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I had an idea awhile back that I have never tried.

The idea is to make these rings from scratch.  Follow me in my Gedankenexperiment.

Start with a flat piece of thin aluminum like the thickness of a coke can.  Cut out the inner diameter.  Then cut out the outer diameter.  What these dimensions are would be trial and error.

Make a die that has a male and female part.  I have sketch some diagrams here.

Then place the aluminum on the female die and press it in using the male piece.  I think the aluminum would stretch, but it might break.  Cant really do it under heat with 3D pieces, would need metal die.


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37 minutes ago, LittleWatchShop said:

Make a die that has a male and female part.

I considered the possibility of having to make something like this if the soldering fails. I think it would work quite well with a bit of brass of similar thickness

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