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New Screwdrivers

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Hi all, I took delivery of some new screwdrivers a few weeks ago, and although these are a Chinese brand (Kwong Yuen) I would highly rate them, may even prefer them to my Burgeon set. Nothing in this for me, just hope that someone who is looking can take advantage of this experience. Link here.

As a side note I also have some auto oilers of the same brand and they also work well.


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5 hours ago, Waggy said:

and although these are a Chinese brand (Kwong Yuen) I would highly rate them, may even prefer them to my Burgeon set. Nothing in this for me, just hope that someone who is looking can take advantage of this experience.

Good to know. Unfortunately I'd have to memorize new colors 🤪...

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22 hours ago, tomh207 said:

@Waggy I have seen comments here and elsewhere recommending this brand as being the best quality out of china.

The best quality observed today by far… Wait- what day is it? Sunday the 1st? In fact the best quality this week- nay- dare I say- the best this MONTH!!!

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…so I can be funnier 🤪
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Hold up @Paul80 and @watchweasol, if you're running from the made-in-China thought police, they might find you by those coats and hats. Even LL Bean and Calvin Klein are doing it... Adidas, Nike... Leave it all behind for a clean exit. And isn't it true that all underwear and socks are Chinese? Hope it's warm where you are, and also, iPhones please. 😁

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Thank you for this post. Adding on to it, I've done a little digging trying to get the most bang for my buck. So I really wanted a set that had a base. You can buy the screwdrivers for around $33 usd 10 Piece Screwdriver Set. The base is around $32 usd Rotating Screwdriver Base (Grey) plus $20 in shipping, with tax you are looking at about $90 which is an excellent deal for what you get but I still didn't want to spend that much.

I saw that they had the 9 piece set w/ base for $59 usd 9 Piece Screwdriver Set W/Base and I had a 'welcome discount' and got a matching 3mm screwdriver for 99 cents. 3mm Screwdriver. (without the discount the screwdriver is $6) With free shipping my total was $66.55 usd. So, I saved about $24 to go without a slot for a 3mm screwdriver. I'll take that! I hope this helps anyone looking to save a buck or two. Also, this corrects the issue of the orange 1.8mm screwdriver. 😉

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