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I decided to take the plunge and go to school.  I'll be starting at the York Time Institute in two weeks.  Have been there for several visits now and have received good reviews from its students.  I like the intimacy and dedication of its director, Daniel Nied.


But it's going to be a long haul taking perhaps 2 years or more--depending on how I progress.  Also I will be spending 3 night a week in York to attend four days a week.  I'll spend long weekends at home in Berkeley Springs.


I decided that I need to have someone, who has a lot of experience, supervise and instruct me.  Plus there are elements of this craft that I simply never would have been able to try out because I would probably never have access to the right kind of equipment.


I haven't had the kinds of feelings of expectation and, yes, anxiety, since before just starting college.  I'm really looking forward to learning a lot of things but have a little anxiety over whether I'll be able to make the grade.  But that's just my nature.  In fact, Dan and all the other students I've talked too and spent time with have been very supportive so far.


So, here goes!  I won't be leaving this blog so I'll keep you posted on my progress. --Doug

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Congratulations in taking the step to become a qualified watchmaker. When I decided to make take up an apprenticeship it took me 5 years and then another 2 years as an improver. Here in the UK the money isn't too good to start with but when you have qualified you start to reap the benefits and they are good, even better if you work for yourself. During your apprenticeship you will have the very best in equipment to use, regarding tools I expect you already know buy the best you can afford and they will last you a lifetime. Are you just going into watches or are you intending to undertake clocks as well. Do keep in touch and keep us up to date on your progress.

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