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Seiko Bellmatic 4006 - project

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In addition to always doing what Mike suggested above in making sure the movement is visible, I also check Cousins, other suppliers and eBay for parts availability before buying a watch or movement. If the parts are like hen's teeth or ridiculously expensive then I pass. It's simple things like a stem that can be a right pain to find for some watches.

Seiko are interesting. Either there is a surplus of parts for particular movements or the square root of nothing. I had to repair and service a 6117 Navigator Timer and what few parts could be bought were very expensive.  


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10 hours ago, rossjackson01 said:

What lovely people you all are. Will let you know how successful I get. 


My new old projects. 

1. Watches of Switzerland Seafarer with an ETA 1789-1 movement. Balance is not good, but I now have a donor (balance is probably shot in this one, knowing my luck)

2. I have a lovely Enicar with am AR 167 movement. No dial or rotor screw.  New dial given to me from a wonderful person.  Donor movement obtained. Donor, movement only, is in better condition than the original. Will clean and start the install. 

I've been putting both of these of until I thought I have the requisite skill. Now feel that I am there. Time to put my knowledge to the test.

Thank you to you all for the push. Regards


You can have saved searches on Ebay Ross, that way whenever a part you are looking for is listed you will receive a notification for it.

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And look in "job lots" of watches for repair - you can sometimes be lucky.

I waited 2 years for a part for a ladies Omega I was repairing to appear on ebay, and I'm currently waiting for a part for a rare Zenith - could be another long wait.

As @Neverenoughwatches says, turn on "notification" so you get an email when a new item is listed - saves you checking all the time.

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Hello again all. Back to the Bellmatic. as said above, I was so disappointed not being able to complete the Bellmatic after being sold a pup. I was looking the Youtube video with sadness, when my bride pointed out to me me, a Bellmatic on ebay that looked the same, a 4006 6040.  Apart from the case, it was. Anyway, long story told short. I know have it. 'Needs a service'. Ha ha. 

The second one has every part bar one, and the first one has that. So, good to go, and going it is. Disassembled and cleaned, ready for lubrication and assembly. See photographs. 



4006 6040.jpg

IMG_20230826_203746 (2).jpg




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  • 2 months later...

Here it is. Photograph taken outside on the front step as light too poor inside.

It has taken me a while, and I have learned so much. Still so much to learn.

Special thanks to YouTube videos.  Adam (Weekend Watch Repair), and our leader Mark Lovick  (WatchFix - Watch Repair channel).Their presentations on the Bellmatic 4006a have been my bible. 




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6 hours ago, thor447 said:

@rossjackson01 That is fantastic!  I didn't know your 4006a project watch has the same dial as the one I recently did!  It looks great.  Congrats on completing your project  Enjoy the heck out of that watch, you've earned it!

Thor. so pleased that you have seen the post. Could not have done it without you. It has been a trial, tribulation and project of attrition. But, I've learned so much. I even have all the parts, except for the push stem, to complete another. Future project a few years down the path me thinks.

Regards to you and all the members who have assisted, cajoled and put up with me.


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    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. We all look forward to your contributions and continued involvement.  When it comes to tools buy the best you can afford a good set of watch makers screwdrivers if you look after them will last you a life time. I recommend Dumont tweezers Number 3 and number 5 for fine work, you can build up from there. You will need different strength eye glasses. Some now like to work using a microscope. Pliers the box jointed ones are best they don't go out of line.     
    • That we will, don’t really mind what the movement is, I’d like to find info on the maker, google is a little sparse and none of my reference books are coming up with anything 
    • Welcome to the forum, enjoy. Purchasing the best quality tools (if affordable) is the best option. However the skill of how to use them is even more important. 
    • My guess, a pin pallet, BFG? We'll see. 
    • @Randy55 welcome, here are some  screwdrivers I can highly recommend, not the cheapest out there, but I prefer them to my Bergeon ones.: And for tweezers I can't recommend highly enough the CousinsUK own brand titanium (link here), I even prefer them to the Dumont tweezers I have, here is my write up: Other piece of advice would be to 'cut to the chase' and get a trinocular microscope on a boom arm, I tried all kinds of loupes and visors etc, but now do 90% of my work on the scope.
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