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How to choose a crystal for this Bulova Accutron case

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I know how to measure and fit an acrylic crystal, but how does one choose the type if the watch came to me without one?

Can you tell if it needs a gasket by looking at it?

Since it has a gasket for the case back, should it the crystal have a tension ring for extra waterproofiness?

Low-dome? High dome with step? Without step? With faceted edge?

If I choose one with a calendar lens, is there any way to know if the lens is wide enough for the day/date, or are they really only designed for the date?



Basically I'm trying to figure out what is an aesthetic choice and what is important. My instinct is to just get a plan ol' low-dome for $3, but I don't want to end up getting something that won't be water resistant if that's what I need.


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Were they waterproof?  I'd have a google search for pics of similar watches and see if you can tell what the glass type is - or someone on here will have one. 

Does the dial sit on the thick rim?  Maybe an armoured glass


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Bulova usually had a case back number inside the case. Ideally stamped so doesn't come off worst-case the use black ink always annoying because sometimes it does wash off if you have the case back number they used to have casing books you can look up what you need rather than guessing you have a case back number?

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Case 7958 takes crystal 7958AY, so an armored crystal with gold tension ring. My crystal size cross reference doesn't have that one so not sure of the exact size. Try giving Ofrei.com a call (510-832-0355) with that crystal number, I've had good success with them and Bulova crystals.

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