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Fossil And Emporio Armani Repair Required - West Yorkshire Area




I am new to this forum, so if I have posted in the incorrect section my apologies and please feel free to direct me elsewhere..


I am looking for a local reputable watch repair service (independant or national business), I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire UK.


I have two watches that I am looking for help with:


1) Fossil watch (similar in appearance to this) the pin has snapped and the small spring section which goes watch body is still in place. I believe it may need to be drilled out?

    Other wise the strap and watch is in perfect working order.


2) Emporio Armani watch (similar in appearance to this) I have had the watch sometime and I now need a new link adding back in, but I am not able to find the link. Can new links be obtained, or must the strap be replaced? (The strap looks the same as this).


Thank you in advance.



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Hi Gareth,

The forum is a platform for both professional and amateur watch repairers to discuss ideas and problems that the have encountered. If you were intending repairing the watches yourself, I'm sure there would be many folk willing to help you out.

I can only suggest that you look on the net for repairers in your area, or contact watch collector forums and ask the question there. To give an example, I'm a member if the Omega forum and folk often make recommendations regarding watchmakers.

I hope you get the advice you require.



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    • so you would like us to look up your previous question and answer it? okay let's see how to figure out what your previous question is, I know I'll look on your profile and see if I can figure out that? so it looks like your previous question was this "Schematic or diagram for 7115 movement" if I answer the question here anyone looking on the other thread won't find it and they'll be confused wondering if anyone answered your question or not? Then there's a problem with that question number 7115 is a nice number but watches are usually made by a company so is this the company name? usually when people don't post pictures of their watch I go to the site below and look it up for them so we can see a picture and get a little technical description. fortunately there appears to only be one 7115 because otherwise if there was more than one we would be confused. Normally on pin lever type watches they were never really meant to be serviced. But on this discussion group people have service them before. But typically watches that were meant to be serviced aren't going to have service information. Then even if it did have service information somebody would've had to have scanned it to a PDF which conveniently are not finding in the usual places I look for PDFs. But I did get you parts list it's at the second link. Just because the parts list exist doesn't mean you're going to get the parts. A parts list indicates more information that I thought existed. then as a reason why you posted an update to ask if anyone has answered your previous question as opposed to asking that in the question itself? http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&Ronda_7115 http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=RON_7115
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