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Poising tool; Double jaws ?

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Hello All;

bought this poising tool which has ruby jaws (according to the seller in perfect shape), but it seems to have "double jaws"; one side ruby and the other side steel ?? 🤔

Also, on top it has a weird long piece of threaded rod sticking out, which could possible interfere with the front adjustment knob ; a DIY modification and what could its function be ? 🤔









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1 minute ago, nickelsilver said:

The screw thread would be to stroke your tweezers over to induce some vibration and help the balance settle into position.

Thanks; I would have never figured that one out !! 🙄

€39 on "Kleinanzeigen" 😉


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And while I'm not certain, I believe the "real" jaws are the clear (probably sapphire) inner set and that the steel outer "jaws" are there just to protect the sapphire.  I just sold one like this I got in an estate purchase and it appeared to be a very high quality balance poise.  Nice.

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